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Oh melly I hope that you don't get the sickness. And your son feels better soon.

Clothes are definitely tighter. Luckily I am still a couple pounds lighter than my start weight. After having that noro-virus in the first weeks. As I am already overweight I am good to only gain 15 pounds over the 9 months.
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Love the u/s pic! So lovely and clear. I won't be having an u/s for a long time (if at all) but I love getting a peek at what our little ones look like. smile.gif

I can't believe it's been 6 weeks (today) since I found out I was really pg. Wow! What a wild, crazy, intense 6 weeks it's been, too. And Monday makes 10 weeks along (though my OCD side wants to clarify that I'm not sure exactly when I o'd, so...). Ten sounds so much better than 9! Hoping the time flies with this one. I don't seem to be terribly patient. lol.gif

I'm on #5 but not in maternity, yet. Not sure when I'll need it but am determined to avoid it as long as I can - particularly because no one knows yet!! But I'm in the losing-weight crowd, down about 15 pounds from pre-pg, so that's probably part of it. I tend to lose 30-40lbs by the time baby is born, losing early on, then maintaining for awhile, and gaining a little right at the end. I'm hoping to be more successful at losing safely and keeping it off this time because I'm working hard at getting myself altogether healthier. I think that's a big factor for me.

I attended a birth yesterday, which was 10x harder due to being pg - and I hadn't told my client and didn't feel like I should. I met her at her home around 9pm Thursday, went to the hospital at 11pm, and baby was born at 2:22pm the next day! It was the longest I've attended and crazy hard. Thankfully we napped at two points, but there's only so much sleep in a hospital (which is part of why I birth at home!!) and with a client waking every few minutes to breathe through contractions. When I got home, I slept for 7 hours straight, then woke in the middle of the night, ate, and slept another 8. I could've slept longer if my DD hadn't needed me. eyesroll.gif But I didn't actually throw up at the birth and was only horribly nauseous *some* of the time. The mama got her VBAC and was happy with my support, so we'll call it a win. thumb.gif I can't say I'm sorry I don't have anyone else on the books right now, though. redface.gif
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I had one pair of maternity jeans out last week and pulled a full selection out this week. So much more comfortable. And the make me feel pregnant instead of fat.

I was looking over my stash and realizing I have almost nothing summery and I am going to be huge (I do have a swimsuit that fits).

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Heather- do glad you were able to make it through that long birth!

I really need to shovel out the droppings pit in my coop today. XP I feel ill just thinking about it!
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Originally Posted by Banana731 View Post

I really need to shovel out the droppings pit in my coop today. XP I feel ill just thinking about it!

Yep. It was as gross as I thought it would be :/
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Originally Posted by Banana731 View Post

Yep. It was as gross as I thought it would be :


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I felt terrible yesterday, I was so nauseous and exhausted almost all day. Thank goodness DH was home! Today has been better though. I even managed to get a run in. I have quit running in the first trimester with my last two kids and I REALLY don't want to quit this time. I would love to run throughout this pregnancy for the first time. I hate starting from scratch all over again. Runs that were easy pre-pregnancy feel sooo much harder when pregnant though, blech.


My DD1 who is 5 has been really excited about the baby which has been so sweet. She drew a picture of me nursing the baby today and honestly it was hilarious. Me, with one big boob with a 5yo doodle of a baby hanging off of it. It was too cute and funny! biglaugh.gif

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I feel better to hear that others have been living in yoga pants. I went to my in-laws' house today, so I decided to actually get dressed for the first time all week. My jeans felt a little tighter, and as soon as I got home I put the yoga pants back on. I'm only 7 weeks today, but I'm already ready to go buy some maternity clothes.

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melly, aww poor little guy. I hope he feels better soon and that you dodge the sickness!
Heather, I'm impressed at the epic birth you attended! Wow, that would be brutal to deal with with nausea and fatigue going on. Good for you :)
Crunchy, and I'm impressed you are still running! I hope to be active throughout my pregnancy but I'm not a runner so will stick to walking and swimming.
Afm: I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling the pinch of clothes lol I bought a new pair of maternity jeans and dug out some pants I can wear to work so I feel a bit better about it. Now if I can only stop eating every hour I'll be ok lol
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10 weeks today! joy.gif One of my trackers tells me baby is 1.5" long, about the size of a strawberry. joy.gif
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Originally Posted by Banana731 View Post

Yep. It was as gross as I thought it would be :/
Blech, I've been putting off cleaning our chicken coop lately. I've GOT to do it today, though.
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I on going to a conference for work in one week- and I am panicked about hiding the pregnancy. We don't want to tell anyone until second trimester- and especially not my work as they only begrudgingly accept that we need to go on maternity leave. (sales job, so it's hard to replace the new mom in the territory and it often tanks for the months she is out) The problem is, I am showing a little and I am not sure if I can successfully hide it. This is my third, and I'm naturally tiny but with some belly flab- which has been displaced by the bean into this round obviously pregnant little bump. I bought some new loose fitting blouses, but I can't stop stressing about the whole thing. I am so incredibly gassy (tmi) that by the end of the day I swear I look 6 months pregnant in bloat. :(

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askew - I am sure you will be okay.  Often time while we look huge to us, others simply don't notice or think we are getting a little pudgy and are polite enough not to say anything.  And if they do think it, most won't ask in case they are wrong.  I think you will be ok!  And my advice is not to spend too much time trying to adjust your shirt etc, while you are out.  That just draws more attention to what you are trying to hide.  Best of luck to you!

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I agree with Planegreen. I think with some loose fitting clothes, no one will be the wiser. Is there drinking at these things? Order a seltzer with lime and it'll look like your having a cocktail, that will really put off any suspicions.
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Every real bra I own makes my nipples itch like a monkey with fleas.  Sports bras from here on out...that will be attractive...

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Originally Posted by GISDiva View Post

Every real bra I own makes my nipples itch like a monkey with fleas.  


LOL!  Love it!  I mean, sorry it's uncomfortable but you have a way with words! 

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I'm impressed that so many of you ladies can still wear your regular jeans!  I'm about 11 weeks, and my belly is definitely round and full of a baby!  I've been wearing maternity pants since week 8 or so, I need that extra stretch and I love having the waistband up high so it doesn't hit on my belly.  I had been wearing a HUGE pair of my sister's black maternity yoga pants, which were comfy but sooooo frumpy looking, and over Christmas I bought myself some cute fitted maternity yoga pants, and some cute jeans and cords, so at least now I feel like I can go out and look normal!  :)  This is probably my last baby, and it's been 7 years since I had my ds, so I don't really mind wearing maternity clothes this early........if I'm only going to buy them for this pregnancy, I might as well get lots of wear out of them!  ;)

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Askew, I have a similar situation next week. I have a tradeshow to launch my little company. I'm worried that looking pregnant will (sub?)consciously make people worry they won't get their deliveries on time. Have you tried on outfits?

Akmeg, where did you get your cute maternity yoga pants?

Banana731: I've used the 'I'm hungover; I can't drink' and the 'I'm on antibiotics' excuses successfully. Gah, now I am on antibiotics now for a uti, so it will be more truthful than it was.
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Yes, akmeg, share where you got cute clothes. I'm still fitting in normal clothes, but am only 8 weeks and two weeks still makes a big difference at this point. (Not to mention that just because I *can* fit in my jeans doesn't mean that I like doing it!)

Well girls, I just went to a midwife info night at the birthing center. I'm not going to lie - I was pretty disappointed. Honestly, I don't know what I was expecting, but I didn't get it. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Basically, for a LOT less convenience than the regular hospital, all I get is the ability to bring my kids with us... And that's big, but I'm not sure whether we should bring the boys, anyway, and... Aaaaarg... Sigh.

Other than that, still just keeping on keeping on. I was able to clean our house a teeny bit today, which was nice.

I hope all is well with everyone!
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Cardigan and Askew, I wouldn't worry too much about people thinking you're a liability as a pregnant lady. These are things we say to ourselves in moments of doubt, but other people are busy having their own doubting thoughts about themselves. Even when I was enormously pregnant with my DS, the board of directors I worked for never doubted I'd pull off hosting a big conference that ended up being held when my DS was 5 WEEKS old! (Apparently I didn't doubt myself either!) the conference went fine because of all my pre-planning, though I barely survived it, sitting in a side room nursing my son and crying during most of it. That was crazy! In any case, I think unless someone is closely interviewing you for a new position and considering your long-term viability in a company, I doubt they are equating pregnancy with ineffective, etc.

I remember actually sobbing to the president of my board when I was pregnant with DS and super sick. I said "I'm like a 50s stereotype of the woman who shouldn't be hired due to uselessness in pregnancy!" He reminded me that everyone goes through quieter and less active phases in their career every couple of years and that inactivity was not necessarily a bad thing, especially if it helped me re-focus my energies where they were most critically needed.. He was really kind; I'm pretty sure I kept crying. smile.gif

Anyway, that was a long story inspired by your work musings, but hopefully it was helpful (or amusing!). Wishing you all peace, wellness, and positive thinking!
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