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Food Cravings

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Is anyone else getting lots of random food cravings? I've found myself drinking way more milk than usual and chicken stock is suddenly very good as well. I've also got the more stereotypical cravings; pickled onions and saurkraut. What is it about pickled food that babies like so much? I've also been craving mackerel, so I'm going to stock up at the farmer's market tomorrow.

I'm making the most of eating loads of good food before the morning sickness kicks in!

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yes. i have had weird cravings for kale - normally i like it but i don't crave it. and grapefruit? also, i usually have a very sweet tooth, but now if i eat sugar i get kind of ill. and cheese. i literally cant get enough cheese. again, normally i like cheese but i don't get crazy about it. 

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Last time around the only craving I got was early on and it was for extreme sour (think pickled banana peppers as pickles aren't sour enough). Last night I found myself fishing out a handful of banana pepper from the jar!

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mrsandmrs; kale is really nutritious so that's always good! Have you tried making it into kale chips?

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kale chips are okay. i mean, i like them, but i like it better when someone else makes them. they are too energy-intensive for me to make often. i really like to make colcannon with kale instead of cabbage, but lately i have just wanted kale. any kale. 

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Stovetop stuffing. Not proud of this one. eyesroll.gif
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What's stovetop stuffing? It sounds like it should be stuffing in the form of a pancake.

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No real cravings yet. With my first dd I craved salami and chef boyardee ravioli (two things I hadn't had in YEARS) lol.
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Stovetop is the brand, it's instant stuffing. Just add boiling water & butter! Sage-y, carb-y goodness.
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I'm having trouble eating meat. This started much later in my first pregnancy then a bit earlier in my second. Seems to be starting right at the beginning during this one. :P It only lasted until the morning sickness subsided around 15 or so weeks but it made it hard for me figure out what to eat since I normally eat meat almost daily.  So far it has not been a complete aversion but I would say I have cut way way back.  It just makes me feel a bit disgusted right now; the thought of a dead animal on my plate.  During both of my other pregnancies I could not shop for meat, be in the room with it or around someone while they were eating it. Just made me want to throw up! Lets hope it does not go that way again! LOL

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MrsandMrs, the same thing happens when I eat sugar! I get extra nauseous when I eat cake or other sweets. Weird, but also kind of great since it makes sugary stuff a lot less appealing. 

Nettlesoup, ever since you first mentioned chicken stock, I've been craving it.


I'm also craving orange juice and mayonnaise spread thickly on hard boiled eggs. I'm pretty sure it's the mayo I'm craving. The egg is just a convenient protein rich vehicle. lol

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Patronus; that makes sense now, thanks for the clarification.


Happybunny; You should so make some. I'm off into town today to stock up on morning sickness and cravings food and one thing I'm going to get lots of is beef bones! And also lots of mackerel since I seem to crave fish when pregnant.


Letnialynne; going off meat would be bad for me since I'm Paleo. Thankfully I don't have that issue!

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Today's new craving is macaroni and cheese. I haven't eaten it since I went gluten free three years ago, but I bought some gluten free macaroni pasta yesterday in case I craved it. I guess it must be the carbs that make it a craving food.

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walnuts for some weird reason... and almonds.

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Pasta, in any shape, way or form. Which is pretty bad for be, since I feel much better (always, not just now in pregnancy) when I try to eat low carb.

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Bacon is the one thing that has stayed down every time I've eaten it, but I don't have a gallbladder so I'm trying not to eat it every day.

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3 bean salad. So I made some last night. And I've been eating it all day. I am gonna be so sorry.
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My OH got me a mackerel today!! I've been desperate for mackerel for ages, so I was very happy.

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nettlesoup, I made some really yummy chicken stock. Nothing sounds good right now, but once I start eating it it feels really good. I'm trying out a perpetual soup recipe where you leave the stock in the crockpot and refill it with water every time you take some stock out. Some people leave it on for a week, but I'm going to turn it off after three days and strain and refrigerate it. This way I can have enough for a whole week.

I've gone from craving stuff to wanting nothing at all. Not good. I'm forcing myself to eat and it makes me feel a bit better. Unfortunately it doesn't work for long. The nausea comes back quickly and I have to start all over again. Small frequent meals will be my mantra over the next several weeks.

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I'm glad you enjoyed the stock! I should try making it in the crockpot, I've heard that a lot of people do what you mentioned and it sounds like a great idea.

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