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I finally had mine today and they were amazing.




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I must be in need of Vitamin C because I woke up craving a tall glass of OJ, so we went out for breakfast. I picked up a giant grapefruit while we were grocery shopping...just felt like I might want it later. I just ate a quarter of it like a raptor and it was the sweetest, most juicy, delicious grapefruit I've ever tasted. I normally don't even care for grapefruit.


I've found that I've been craving OJ occasionally too, which I never cared about one way or another before.

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Cereal and yogurt have been staples for me. Everything else is in the moment if I can stomach it. It's 9am and I REALLY want tacos or mashed potatoes. Broccoli sounds good too actually.
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Time for me to go to the store. Running out of options. I'm starting to crave lots of salads. Green salad, potato salad, macaroni salad, cucumber salad, Waldorf salad, etc!
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Time for me to go to the store. Running out of options. I'm starting to crave lots of salads. Green salad, potato salad, macaroni salad, cucumber salad, Waldorf salad, etc!


Oooh yes, I had the best chopped salad last night! Grilled chicken, mozzarella, Iceburg, garbanzo beans, tomatoes, pepperoncini, avocado, in a lemon vinaigrette! It was perfect! 

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Ooh, that sounds really good! I've been having salad thoughts as well over the past couple of days.

I've found that nibbling on cold ham is really good for keeping the nausea away, plus it's yummy.

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nettlesoup - I made a spiral ham on Sunday and have been picking away at the ham since then. It'll last a while (whenever DH and I make one it lasts us 1-2 weeks between ham, ham sandwiches, ham omelettes, and ham soup) so I hope it stays appealing!
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Yum, that sounds really good.

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Being from Va I love ham and now I want some!
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I just made a batch of flapjacks, and am patiently waiting for them to cool. They are chewy ones!

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I was watching the Westminster Dog Show tonight, laying lazily on the sofa, when I suddenly sat up quickly and REQUIRED a toasted bialy with cream cheese. My husband is such a trooper: even after I insisted I could wait until daylight tomorrow, he went to Publix and bought me two frozen boxes. Like all my cravings, it was suddenly the BESG thing I have placed in my mouth EVER.
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I know what you mean, Aidenn.
I was dying for an Italian soda the other day; when DH made me one it was like all my dreams came true. smile.gif
Same thing with the soft scrambled eggs and rice. When I wanted some, I just needed it *right now.* Getting to eat it was glorious.
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Had my first "we have to leave now and go to the store for this sudden craving" craving last night (past midnight).  Craved peanut butter sooo badly and it was amazing.  

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I did that with ruffle chips and homemade dip! I had to have the dip made from sour cream and onion soup mix. I kept talking about it for about an hour before I asked him to go get some. He really does love me! Lol ☺
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homemade kale chips & chocolate soy ice cream...not at the same time though... ;)

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Last night's dinner was amazing; roast chicken with potatoes and carrots roasted in lard, steamed broccoli and homemade gravy. I'm loving roasts at the moment, but have only just found the energy to make them.

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nettlesoup - Do you have a crock pot?  That's how I make all of my roasts.  I also make Japanese beef curry in there a few times a month because it makes so much extra for freezing!


cmu204 - What goes in the scrambled eggs and rice?  I make soft scrambled eggs every morning, but do you just mix in plain rice?  Also, I am glad to hear that having a craving satisfied is like scratching a hard-to-reach itch for others.  I always feel so ridiculous as I am moaning delight through bites and telling my husband that he rocks for going to Publix and buying XYZ food at midnight for me.


Yesterday's big want/need was a sub sandwich from Publix.  It was freaking awesome.  Oh, the sweet thin roasted turkey and the smoky provolone cheese and the crunchy lettuce with the tangy vinegar....oh, boy, even a 12" was barely enough!  To be fair, this is one of the first things I have been able to eat since the hellacious stomach flu that only I fell prey to this weekend.  I think I am making up for lost calories.  I feel for you ladies with HG, because I only suffered 48 hours with it, but boy, oh boy, that was more than enough for me!


Cooking food is one of my few hobbies (alongside knitting and sewing, can I get a what what!), so every time I visit this thread, I become inspired by what you ladies are craving!

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I do, but I like a crispy skin on my chicken. I have used it for slow cooking brisket though. I should really experiment with it more as I think I've only actually made brisket in it so far!

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Aidenn, I just keep it simple with the eggs: salt, pepper, herbs de Provence if we have it on hand, a little dried parsley if not. And I usually use short grain brown rice, which has a nice texture to it.
When I was a kid, my stepdad used to make ham, sausage, eggs and rice for Sunday breakfast -- he is from the American South -- so this is one of my "comfort food" meals. I especially love it with fried green tomatoes on the side.
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I'm having a terrible time with cravings right now. Firstly I'm really craving sandwiches, particularly a sausage sandwich with ketchup. The problem is that I'm gluten intolerant so it will probably result in mouth ulcers and constipation. But I want one anyway. I would love a cheese and tomato pizza as well, that would be great.


But my weirder craving is coffee. I have never been a coffee drinker and don't even really like it; I've always been a tea drinker. But since becoming pregnant I can't face the idea of drinking tea, yet I really want a latte! What's that all about?

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