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Non-pregnant me was completely disgusted with the consumption of such food, but pregnant me apparently eats like a 19 year old frat boy, so I was happy!


This made me LOL!  I can relate, unfortunately.  I want to eat really, really well for baby's development, but my body just wants me to eat a ton of crap.  I'm at work today and didn't pack a lunch, so I ended up ordering from a little italian take out place up the street.  Fettucine Alfredo, enough for 2 big meals, and I ate it all in one sitting.  I can feel my ass growing already.

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Flourless chocolate cake with strawberry glaze and whipped heavy cream frosting!!!! OMG to die for!! :P And its even Naturally Gluten Free smile.gif

I made it for my DD1 7th birthday party which we celebrated today with her friends from school. Since I've been so sick we postponed the party for over a month. She was so kind about it. I love that girl smile.gif

I am thrilled their is so much of the cake left. Most of the moms that came were on a diet and the cake looked "way to good to just have a small slice" lol All I'm currently thinking is that it's their loss orngbiggrin.gif I can't wait to dig into another huge slice tomorrow and the next day. I think I may have finally kicked the morning sickness!!!!!!!!
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Double post
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letnialynne: i am a salivating celiac at the moment.....the cake looks spectacular!!!!!

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That cake really does look amazing!


I had a Dominos pizza last night and it was amazing. It was also my first pizza in over two years. I'm now waiting to see if it's had any negative effects on my bowels!

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Ravioli. Then when that is gone, I dip crackers in the Ravioli juice. =X
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I have to say, that sounds horrible!


I ate a tin of sardines yesterday, and they were amazing!

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Haha, I think both of those sound horrible. I haven't been having many cravings. Other than the full sized laffy taffys smile.gif
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I had to look up laffy taffys, and I have to say, they don't sound very nice either! They look like chewy sweets I used to have as a child, which were usually Irn Bru flavour.

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Speaking of chewy: I've been craving (and eating) gummies. I'm using Bach's rescue pastilles black currant flavor right now, they're nice and chewy and last a while. I got some very soft gummies from Trader Joes the other day and those are better to suck on. For those of you in Europe I asked my mom to send the Grether's blackcurrant pastilles, those have a nice texture as well.
I've always liked beef jerky but recently it has started upsetting my stomach so no more chewing on that.
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I've not been craving anything sweet, which is a good thing I suppose! Although gummy sweets could be nice; maybe some Haribo.

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My cravings just got that bit weirder. My daughter and I just watched a documentary on eating insects in Thailand, so now I really want to try insects! Some of the dishes looked really good.

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Haha that's a little crazy nettle!
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I had carb/sweet cravings combined with meat and veggie aversions (and increased appetite rather than morning sickness) all through the first trimester.  Since I cut grains and sugars out of my diet over a year ago, and veggies and meat had been my go to foods, that was rather unfortunate (and I gained nine pounds by week 14).  I know folks say that your body will know what it needs and to listen to what and how much it asks for, but I'm pretty sure mine was lying for a few weeks there.  There's no way it needs mac and cheese, ice cream, or fried food.


Thankfully, it seems like the start of the second trimester was the turning point and I've been back to clean eating and exercise.  I really hope I don't suddenly have an even greater increase in appetite or I'll gain WAY too much weight.

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You are so right about cravings! I can't think of anything in coco pops that this baby actually needs!

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^^^ same goes for laffy taffys! Haha
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I had way more cravings with my first! This one not so much although I could really go for gluten free pop tarts. I craved pop tarts with my daughter.
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no cravings, but tonight i am blessed with an absence of nausea.. so i'm thinking about making some kind of strawberry cream cake.

granted, of course, we're far away from strawberry season...

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curry...still on my curry craving.

i have the weirdest aversion to tea....has anyone else experienced this?


nettle: i'd eat a chocolate covered grasshopper (lol).

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I've been off tea since morning sickness started, which is really annoying because I really want some!

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