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i have a new found appreciation for ice cream. 

i used to think ice cream was gross, but now it seems to be soothing my stomach or something.. somehow it seems like a nausea-safe food.

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Still craving bacon and chocolate milk!
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Still craving bacon and chocolate milk!
mmmmm chocolate milk!
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I craved chocolate milk for a while, but that craving has passed.

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Just made myself some mac & cheese for lunch and had to make a conscious effort to stop eating. I may have the rest later before DH gets home mischievous.gif
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Why is macaroni and cheese always so tempting during pregnancy? It's random but so yummy!

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I actually have not been craving Mac and cheese. I think the only food I have actually been craving is vinegar soaked cucumbers. Mmmmm
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I caved the other night and had mac-n-cheese with a nice glass of chocolate milk:D YUM!

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Seriously, mac and cheese is the devil.  The tasty, tasty devil.  Along with moosetracks ice cream.  And pierogies.

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Today I craved chinese food thanks to watching an episode of Masterchef, so we ended up having a chinese takeaway and it was lovely.

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Today my sister sent me a photo of her lunchtime salad, which looked amazing. So now I have got my fiance to put loads of salad ingredients on our shopping order since I'm suddenly craving salads. It's certainly a good thing to crave and I can't wait to make an epic salad for lunch tomorrow.

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... Still Ravioli.
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Pasta with real made from scratch pesto sauce. The craving came to me during the weekend, and I had managed to wait patiently to make it - to the point that the pasta is made, I'm just waiting for DH to finish working so that we can eat - and it's driving me INSANE! Sheepish.gif

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I'm going to out myself here - I can't get enough Egg McMuffins (no Canadian bacon). I rushed to McDonald's in a fury yesterday so I wouldn't miss their breakfast window. What a horrible craving!!! I did buy stuff to make them myself at home, but I doubt it will be the same. It's funny though, my mother craved their McNuggets & sweet & sour sauce when pregnant with me back in the early 80s (when hopefully the nuggets were a little less processed). Can't I crave spinach salad instead of fast food?

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I haven't eaten a McDonalds for about 7 years, but I was craving them and whenever I see a picture of one of their burgers, I really want one! Thankfully I've managed to resist so far, partly because it's a bit of a trek to get to the nearest one.

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I don't eat their burgers (or red meat period), my husband had one for the first time in years recently and said it was just not like he remembered it from childhood. Not good at all! I do love their fries, McMuffins, and ice cream, though. Sheepish.gif

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I just had a jr bacon cheeseburger from Wendy's....
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I'm heading to Chick Fil A as I type...
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I've been eating Chick Fil A at least 3 times a week.

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currently eating annie's organic GF mac n cheese smothered in ketchup  with sugar snaps peas on the side.

(edited to include: gonna eat the whole box by myself!)

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