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I've had Chick Fil A twice this pregnancy and both times it was glorious! Extra pickles with a lemonade... so perfect. 

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I've actually switched to craving veggies! It is really strange I honestly don't usually LOVE green things. I mean I eat them many times a day and grow them and go to farmers markets etc but they are not my favorite things. Well tonight in particular I knew something must have flipped. First I ate a huge bowl of homemade chicken soup with a side of homemade sour pickles from last years garden, then a huge bowl of raw radishes which I dipped in salt. I was going to finish up with a bowl of fresh raw baby spinage topped with lemon juice but I ended up filling up wink1.gif Guess the greens were really calling my name orngtongue.gif I really hope this craving lasts!!!
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Glad to hear I'm not the only one subsiding on fast food. I've been craving animal protein. Give me beef, chicken, pork... as long as it's got a hefty dose of protein and it's chewy! I'm actually considering buying some steaks which I haven't done in years! The weather here is getting to the point where we could use the grill outside too so that would be nice.
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dakipode, I am jealous. I hate the smell of steak more than anything. I cannot stand beef. Chicken is the only animal protein I can take and fast food chicken is my preferred form. I know I would feel better overall if I could get myself to eat more protein, but I just can't do it.


I love fruit though. Can't get enough of it! Also, root beer smells amazing, but the carbonation doesn't feel so good.

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I couldn't eat meat at all last pregnancy. I hope it's not like that again this time...
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Burgers. In n Out is so good and somewhat healthy with local beef/produce. I used to work at one when I was 16 so I'm a bit biased.

Cereal with bananas. Every darn night after DD goes to bed because its easy and filling.

I went crazy over sandwiches and my holistic doc was so mad! The nitrates are terrible for baby.

Last week it was goat cheese from the farmers market and bread. I felt like crap from the bread and am doing MUCH better now without it. Not liking pasta either! Weird!

Chocolate milk and OJ. Mmmmmm!
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But not chocolate milk and OJ at the same time, right, Tillymonster? wink1.gif

I'm loving kale lately. I am so lucky to have a good friend who likes food as much as I do, and with whom I can share recipes/food inspiration. She convinced me that it reallt was OK to buy kale from the store (I'd grown it in our garden the last few years) and that I was not losing my microfarm cred if I did. wink1.gif
So I've made a chopped kale salad and am going to make my favorite side dish, a simple sauté of kale in bacon fat with bacon crumbles on top.
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I've been craving GF oatmeal! I ate a whole box of the GF flavored oatmeal in 2 days! I'm really craving a slice of New York style pizza like Pizza My Heart! I wish I didn't have a gluten allergy so I could eat a slice of that chewy yumminess! GF pizza just isn't the same. :-(

I've been wanting corn dogs so I'm going to make homemade GF and nitrate corn dogs for lunch today with lots of mustard!
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tillymonster - I LOVE In n Out burgers. I just wish we had them in Canada! Best 'fast food' burgers anywhere bar none.

While pregnant with DS I was a meativore. "Carnivore" just doesn't even cover it. Burgers and steaks and chicken and pork and ribs and... oh man. It was awesome. I love meat anyways so that was right up my alley! This time around, not nearly as much. I'm still enjoying meat but it's not like it was with DS.
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I can do hamburgers and chicken and things like that now but steak is still very much out of the picture. Very much. I still almost gag just thinking about it. So sad greensad.gif
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Oh man. I bet you visit In n Out anytime your in the states tho huh? So freaking good!

No. Not choc milk and OJ at the same time. Hehe. I'm really into the not from concentrate fresh squeezed stuff from Trader Joes. I just wish choc milk from the milk case wasn't 2% and didn't have careegenan in to. Yuck. I stopped buying it when I read those nasty ingredients. And it's not like Hershey's syrup is a better at all even in whole milk. I guess I could slowly cook dark chocolate in a double broiler the add to milk and chill it but its a 2 day process. I just might tho.

Great to see some GF mentions on here. Anyone have a mac and cheese recipe that's decent? Every time I make it myself it doesn't kill that cheese flavor craving I guess I must love from the boxed stuff. Haha!
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When I craved chocolate milk, I just put milk, pure cocoa powder and icing sugar in a blender and blended it all up. It was very slightly grainy, but it was nice and did the job.

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It's so funny, this talk of orange juice and chocolate made me think yum! It brought me back to my childhood when my uncle would bring us chocolate oranges (among lots of other goodies) from England when he'd visit us each summer. I know the initial thought of mixing chocolate and orange is weird, but for those of you who haven't tried it, this combination is delicious! As an adult I used to love to order an orange valencia latte from Starbucks (chocolate and orange again), sadly I don't think they make them anymore...


I too have been craving hot chocolate but all of the extra crap/fillers they put in the mixes just turns me off. And, when I get that craving, lately I'm just too darn lazy to melt real chocolate and make it the traditional way.... I may try what you did nettle, that sounds like it would satisfy...

I thought about ordering that Green & Blacks organic hot chocolate mix and you just add milk... The ingredients listed are: Organic Raw Cane Sugar, Organic Fat-Reduced Cocoa Powder, Organic Dark Chocolate Powder (Organic Chocolate Liquor, Organic Raw Cane Sugar, Organic Cocoa Butter, Soy Lecithin, (Emulsifier), Organic Vanilla Extract. 

Has anyone tried it and/or have others to recommend? 

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Mmm chocolate milk sounds good. I guess I should have realized if steak makes me want to throw up then a roast beef sandwich wouldn't be a good idea :/ my dh ate it and said it was really good, so it's still just my funky mouth. I settled for a cucumber soaked in vinegar. Again.
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Suziesmiles; I love chocolate oranges! Sadly I haven't had one in years.

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I've been enjoying Equal Exchange's organic hot cocoa (the spicy one with cinnamon and cayenne pepper). It's not too spicy, just a pleasant heat in the mouth and really chocolate-y without being super sweet. DS likes the plain chocolate one. I haven't tried it with cold milk...might just do that!
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Originally Posted by nettlesoup View Post

Suziesmiles; I love chocolate oranges! Sadly I haven't had one in years.

Me neither, well, not a REAL one anyway, made the mistake of buying a copy made in the states and they are just not the same:(


haurelia - I'll have to see if I can find that brand locally, as I'd rather buy local but can't seem to find the Green & Blacks anywhere but online...

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Mmm chocolate milk sounds good. I guess I should have realized if steak makes me want to throw up then a roast beef sandwich wouldn't be a good idea :/ my dh ate it and said it was really good, so it's still just my funky mouth. I settled for a cucumber soaked in vinegar. Again.

I feel ya for sure, it's so hard not to be able to eat the things you loved pre-pregnancy... I'm not really a meat eater (specifically red meat or pork, lamb, etc..) and am not a big fan chicken or turkey either either (only started eating these again a couple of years ago and sparingly). Feeling like I'm getting enough protein has been tough! DH has ben so sweet making chicken for me all kinds of special ways and I really have to force it down! I do love fish, seafood, etc. but can't eat it every day... right? I've really been overdoing the cheese:) I LOVE cheese!! And, peanut or almond butter are staples but I read that too much peanut butter during pregnancy may cause baby to have some problems, like allergies or asthma... But, then again, my mom didn't even like peanut butter but craved it during pregnancy and ate it a lot and I'm fine:) So, who knows... 

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I'm off to Costco to buy frozen burgers and steaks! Yahoo!

Re orange and chocolate: I somehow got in the habit as a kid of eating a Snickers bar with a big glass of pulpy orange juice. Mmmmmm. Chocolaty, chewy, crunchy, sweet and sour...
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