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Pizza sounds great right now!
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I thought pizza sounded great last night.  Too bad we are gluten-free and diary-free.  (The cost of gluten-free/dairy-free pizza is astronomical!  A minimum of $50 just for my family of 7.

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What is it about pizza??? I have been craving it so badly. I had a crazy dream about it the other night... I was in a high school theater company and we were going to do performance but of course they needed to feed us first. I went from table to table and picked up slices and slices of cheese pizza filling a take out box to the brim! The dream made me very happy and went on for a long time!
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I miss pizzas; I haven't had one since I went gluten free two years ago.

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Originally Posted by nettlesoup View Post

I miss pizzas; I haven't had one since I went gluten free two years ago.

We can be support buddies in our anti-pizza pregnancies.

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Nettlesoup, my grain-free friends make cauliflower crust pizza and they say it's amazing. I'll see if I can find the recipe for you.

I'm happy to report that our sushi dinner was a success. It tasted good and I don't feel awful now. Win-win.

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Did you eat raw sushi or the baked kind?
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Thanks Momzilla and Happybunny! I've seen recipes for a cauliflower crust, but it doesn't sound very tempting.

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It's 4 am and I am logging out on...

Mango ,hard boiled eggs, sauerkraut(naturally fermented home grown _ my pickles are too) pickles,, paperback cheese and raspberry jam, and I have a potato baking will put sunflower seeds and raisins on it and I want fried zucchini and I want steamed kale with rice pudding
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I have a pretty legit recipe for gluten-free pizza crust made with tapioca starch:

- 2.5 cups tapioca starch
- 1/2 cup oil (I do half butter, half coconut oil)
- 1 cup shredded cheese (optional, but it adds flavor and texture)
- 2 tsp baking powder
- 4 eggs
- salt to taste
- Italian seasoning to taste

Bake at 450 for 7-10 minutes until crust is firm and slightly golden, then top and return to oven until cheese is bubbly and crust is golden.

I used to spread the dough out on a cookie sheet with the back of a spoon for a thinner square pizza, but now I pour the batter into a cast iron skillet and bake for deep-dish style smile.gif

The dough can range from runny to thick and sticky and can be a bit hard to handle.
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But out of all the cauliflower, coconut flour, flax seed, etc. crusts that I've tried to make, this is the most like real pizza and cheapest, as a box of tapioca starch will make 2 pizzas and costs less than $3 at our WF.
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That sounds amazing, Madelyn! Thanks for sharing the recipe redface.gif

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Ohmygodi'msohungry. I have already had two meals today! I'm going to be a whale!
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I'm craving sushi! My father-in-law owns a sushi restaurant and I so wish I could eat some right now.
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this conversation is cracking me up. i just ate some brown rice veggie sushi and a little pizza for lunch. 

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Ill join you ladies on the gf pregnancy bandwagon! My 2 daughters are gf as well as my df so I basically eat and cook gf since I'm out numbered orngtongue.gif But I have been thinking about buying myself some glutinous foods since I'm craving them badly lol
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Originally Posted by swissmiss2584 View Post

Did you eat raw sushi or the baked kind?

Both. And some very yummy miso ramen soup. orngbiggrin.gif

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I'm also gf, dairy-free, and soy-free. We did splurge on take-out pizza today, but if you can eat corn, you can make an individual pizza with corn tortillas, sauce, cheese alternative (I use Daiya or goat cheese, but both are expensive), and whatever toppings you like.

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Okay, I gave-in to my craving! I ate some veggie wheat & minimal dairy pizza; not a good idea. Next time I will just suffer through the craving, that would be a lot less painful. I do have to say, it was initially a delicious experiment. It's also a great example to the children of a science experiment not to replicate. Unschooling at its finest!

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Oh dear, I don't think I'd ever risk that one, as tempting as it is! The same would no doubt happen to me.

This pregnancy is causing my healthy eating to go to hell. I want ice cream! And Cadbury's chocolate made me feel better the other day. It's a downward spiral for me.

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