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help for 9yo sensory seeker

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My DD is unusual in a number of ways (too long to get into, but for now I will say she has had ASDs ruled out and is socially popular). When she was 2-5 it was clear to me that she had symptoms of SPD and was a sensory seeker. At the time we found safe things for her to chew (she was very oral then), did some joint compression stuff sometimes and made sure she got a lot of outside time. Then when she started school, we saw much less of it to the point where it seemed "gone."

She has a very strict and controlling teacher this year and it seems like the SPD has re-emerged. What I notice is an intense need for wrestling, super wild physical play, and what seems like verbal stimming of a sort (she is very loud; lots of noisy singing and silly noises; goes outside and does a lot of play involving growly screaming after school). When she gets like this she will laugh hysterically, very out of control. It seems like the play winds her up, not calms her down, but I feel like she is doing it out of some actual need.

I think I need some kind of sensory diet for her but am not sure where to begin. Any suggestions? I don't want to spend a ton of money.
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Sensory diets don't have to involve a lot of money...some of the best solutions I've seen implemented in school settings were all very low-tech/low-budget.  The trick is figuring out what she will respond to--it's highly individual and totally varies from kid to kid.  Hope you have access to an O/T or maybe an Autism specialist to get some ideas from (since they work with a lot of kids with this issue, they usually have lots of tricks/tips).  If not, here's a website that I like that can help you get started:



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