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TTC While Nursing in Jan

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whistling.gifWaiting to be ready whistling.gif

DC 18mos
DC 13mos, 2PPAF
DS 8mos

blowkiss.gifWaiting to Catch First PP Egg! blowkiss.gif

DS 21 mos
DS 12mos
DD 8mos
DD 15mos
DD 8mos
DD 17 mos
DS 13 mos.
DD 12 mos.
DD 12mos
DS 13mo
TTC#7, 14mo nursling
Virginia884 BFPChart2.gif
lurk.gifWaiting to Ovulate lurk.gif
DS 8mos
DD 19mos TTC 6mos
DS 2yrs
DD 19mos

DD 15mos


DD 2 yrs


DD 3 years

DS 17mos
DS 16 mos, 2PPAF
DS 19 mos
DD 19 months
DC 10mos
DC 7.5 mos

fingersx.gif Waiting to Know - 2WW fingersx.gif

DC 14mos


DD 7mos, 2PPAF


DD 21mos


DS 3yrs

DS 16mos, 3PPAF


DS 19 mos, 2PPAF


DD 2.5 yrs, 7 mos TTC


DC 18mos, 6PPAF, 3mos TTC


2PPAF, DS/DD 23 mos


DS6yo, DD16mo, 4PPAF



TTC #3, 24mo nursling


17mo nursling


5 months TTC #3, DS2 11 months



DD 18 months


6 months TTC, 5PPAF, DS 22 months + DS4


DD 23 months


DS 15 mos

belly.gifOur Most Recent Success Storiesbelly.gif





DS 21mos
LO 11mos


DD 6mos TTC#2 Due Sept 28

DD 10mos




TTC#3, DS 22mos, 3PPAF


DD 3 yrs


9 months TTC DS 17mos

DD 19 mos, 1PPAF




TTC#3, DS 23 mos, 3rd cycle TTC
DD 19 mos
Monday  DS 21.5 mos, 7mos TTC, 5 PPAF
BabySmurf caught fırst PP egg!
Jules09 2PPAF DD 25mos
Brogansmomma DC13.5mos
NewMama2BBBoy 2 months ttc DS 10 months
6 mos TTC #5 DD 16 mos
Aunaturalmama TTC #2 DC24mos
northwoods DD 21 months, 4PPAF
nstewart DS 24 months
Letileon [/B] DS 23 months 
Hopeful Jo 8 PPAF, 8mo TTC, DS 17mo
Chloe'smamachartnew.gif 4 months ttc, 4ppaf, dd1-3.75, dd2 -20 months
mothershipchartnew.gif  2 mo TTC, 15 PPAF, DD 24 mo
OSUvet 1 PPAF, DS 13 months
 gardenbellechart1new.gif 9 months TTC, 9 PPAF, DD 22 months (the nurser) and DS 3 1/2
Julie 8 mo DS, 2 PPAF
CityMama2Q DD 20 MO
Sere234 8 PPAF, 3 months TTC, DS 18 mo
icy02 6 PPAF, ds 19 m/o & ds 3 y/o
Pittnurse08chartnew.gif 18PPAF, 1 cycle ttc, DD 26m

Please put all changes in bold!

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Thanks for the new thread!!!


You can move me to Waiting to O, DD 19 mos, please. DH has said he wants to try this month energy.gif

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Thanks, Stretch, for the new thread!

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I am in the TWW, as far as I can tell. I had some very light spotting today--what that means, I don't know yet. I may come back tomorrow to report I got my period early. shrug.gif

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Thanks for the new thread!
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I am nursing mom to Ben who will be 3 Feb 28.  I finally have a cycle or what seems like one and tried for this egg.  Here is hoping with other nursing moms to be gestating a wee one :)

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Updated to here


Zona when did ppaf return fot you my DS is 20 mo and I am still waiting.

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thanks for the new thread!


im vivica2 can you add me to Waiting to catch first PP egg  my DD is 8mo?


someone told me yesterday that if i take away the night nursings my af will return, im not ready to be that drastic yet, any other suggestions...supliments maybe?

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2WW, 11mo LO


I O'd later then I thought I would so we'll see if I have a longer cycle or what happens.


vivca2 - I'm still night nursing as my LO sleeps most the night with me. My first ppaf came back at 10 1/2 months. I don't have any suggestions other then to wait a few months and it may come back on it's own.

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Thanks for the thread! Congrats to Livingsky! Question for you ladies who bed share, how often is your LO nursing? DD 8 months spends at least 80% of the night latched on. Anyone still night nursing and had PPAF? I know everyone's different, just curious smile.gif
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Me, me! My DD2, 19 mos, still nurses most of the night. I'm hoping she'll nightwean when I get pregnant smile.gif
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I'm waiting to ovulate since my period did show up today. This is so freaking frustrating! I'm going try my best to chart my temps this month. Is it possible to have regular periods but not actually ovulate?

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We co-sleep and my nursling still nurses frequently overnight. She will sometimes get a few solid hours of sleep and then she latches on on and off for most of the rest of the night. I've heard the night weaning can bring back PPAF, but I just can't bring myself to night wean - both because she really likes to nurse and because I am afraid of what might happen to my sleeping if I could not easily nurse her back to sleep in bed. It's been 15 months and I still haven't had PPAF. I've been trying to chart, but my temps all seem to be very low as compared to before I became pregnant. But, I have been having some light cramping and had some light brown spotting today, so perhaps fertility is returning. Will let you know.

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I'd like to join. I haven't been on Mothering for quite a while but DS is 12 months now and I am ready to have another little squish! I am hoping to catch the first egg. DS has just started eating solids in a regular way so I'm hoping that might help with the return of my fertility.

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updated to here.

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Thanks stretch358 for starting up the January thread.  I just can't stay away from these forums despite my best efforts so I figured I should come out of lurkdom!  I was sooo disappointed when AF arrived last month... I even removed myself from the initial post.  Can you add me back in stretch358?  2WW: DD 21 mos  I feel like my body is all over the place so I'm wondering if I'm having anovulatory cycles (although very regular 27-29 days cycles).  I keep referencing my TCOYF book.  I had my wettest day on CD15 and I figured I O'd that day or early on CD16 since I then had a patch of creamy CM and my nipples became suddenly very sore when nursing (so my progesterone must have risen sharply) on CD16.  But my cervix was still SHOW until this morning, CD19.  I also continued to have some wet, stretchy, cloudy EWCM but my nipples were (and still are) painful.  We were pretty good about DTD every other day for most of my cycle although we went 3 days without while I was sick.  Hoping there was an egg released this cycle and that my hormone levels are doing what they should (but I suspect not because TCOYF says I should have dried up really quickly after O'ing).  I'm trying my best to be more relaxed about it this month.  DD still nurses around the clock, at least 12 times/day.  AF is due Jan 17th so we shall see soon enough :-)  Good luck everyone!

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Can I be moved back to "waiting to be ready"? DH sufficiently reminded me how devastated I would be if my milk dried up right now, or before DS is even a year old. We'll probably wait two more months then start trying to catch that first egg. 

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My period finally came, Bout two weeks late. And man, it came with VENGEANCE.

Sparkle, I think you were right. This is my 3rd Ppaf, but it feels like my first. Looking back, even though my first two were the same number of days apart and both 5 days long, they were only brown spotting. This time around I feel like I'm going to die of blood loss. I'm feeling tired, crampy, full on pms, for the first time since Obug was born. He's 20 months old now, and I'm still nursing him, but ALOT lesS.

Do you think the first two periods, even though they seemed regular, maybe I wasn't ovulating? I'm hurting right now, but I'm so excited because I feel like I have got full fertility back and we might really have a shot in January.

Funny thing is, when I got pregnant with Obug, I tested on the 11th, because my period was due on the 5th. Here I am, 3 years later and my first period comes on the 6th. HAHAHAHA
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Originally Posted by ChristinaMac View Post

Thanks for the thread! Congrats to Livingsky! Question for you ladies who bed share, how often is your LO nursing? DD 8 months spends at least 80% of the night latched on. Anyone still night nursing and had PPAF? I know everyone's different, just curious smile.gif


We don't cosleep but Quinn still nurses at night, usually once, but often twice.  I got my first ppaf at 7 months, and I'm heading into my second cycle ttc.  Quinn does usually go a 6-8 hr stretch without nursing though, he doesn't like to nurse when he wakes in the morning, and then he doesn't go down for a nap till late morning, so often we get from 2 am till 10 am without.  I'm pretty sure I'm on the more fertile end of the spectum though, we got pg first cycle ttc with DS1, and I got pg while ntnp with DD while nursing at 12 mo pp (5th pp cycle), and Quinn was despite birth control.  One of my grandmothers had 7 babies the other grannie had 6, so I come from good breeding stock lol. That being said my first several cycles pp have a very short luteal phase so I can't get pregnant.  Maybe when yours return they will be more regular.

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I'm still nursing around the clock, like every hr and a half through the night and my first ppaf came at 10.5 months.


I've gotten pg twice without getting any ppafs. The most in a row I've had between babies is 2.

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