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Seems like nursing rates and fertility are all over the map! One thing I keep reading over and over is that for one individual woman, there seems to be a pattern. 


We are down to 4 nursings and three pumpings per 24 hours. I'm thinking about dropping a pumping session as I seem to make consistently more than he is drinking at daycare. But risking not making asmuch as he drinks is emotionally a blocker for me, it seems. He is occasionally going the whole night without nursing. Maybe he will night wean himself soon. Fingers crossed.

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I am back in as DH has agreed to try again. Please move me to Waiting To O. DC is 18 months old. 


Considering DH originally agreed to try last summer and then changed his mind, it still seems kind of surreal that we're trying again. I'm not to my fertile phase yet so it's just a waiting game right now. 

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erigeron, that's great your DH is on board!  I'm lucky that my DH wants exactly however many kids I want.  I've always said at least 3 but we talk about having 4 or 5 if we can manage it.  We're TTC #3 right now.  Best of luck conceiving asap while your DH is supportive of the idea.


RosieL, how I wish my LO would night wean too.  Hopefully your LO is easier going than my own.  I know she won't night wean until my milk dries up or I force the issue.  She's 21mos now and co-sleeping.  My first DC was just the same.

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updated to here.


We are all recovering from a nasty virus.  DS has a super bad ear infection too, so he is now on abx.  ugh

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this looks like the place i need to be. i've had AF since 6 weeks post partum, but w/ ttc again and charting, i'm realizing some months are a little whackier than others. i'm currently still nursing my 2yo, and she pretty much stays latched on all night. currently on cd3 and planning to discourage so much nursing if she'll let me!

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Hi! I'm new smile.gif

I'm Kaitlin, 25, mother to a 19 month old girl. We (me, husband, daughter and dog) live in Alberta, Canada. I like knitting, sewing, writing, drinking tea, making lists and running. It's pretty lonely in this small super-conservative town where I live, and I often feel the need to reach out somewhere and find some kind of support. I'm pretty shy, and a new year's resolution of mine is to put myself out there more instead of just lurking (online and in person :P).

I've had my PPAF for 6 months. We've been trying/not preventing for about five months but I don't think I was ovulating until about 2 months ago. Anyway, she still nurses fairly often. My luteal phases are pretty short still so I'm not getting my hopes up too high, but I have ovulated this month and we got some good timing. I'm dealing with a hideous flu right now so I'm doodling around on the computer more than I usually do and I'd love to join the group smile.gif

I'm off to bed for the night trying to rest my sick, sleepy head, but I'll be 3 DPO tomorrow! Woo!
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Hello Kaitlin! I'm also Canadian. From Victoria, BC. I'm fairly shy as well smile.gif
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Canadian here too! Toronto, Ontario. Welcome Kaitlin!
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Me too!  I'm Canadian :-)

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Me five, I'm Canadian too! From Ottawa smile.gif
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Welcome, herbivora! Hope you feel better soon-- that flu is wicked!

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CD8 here and HOLY EWCF! So, we took advantage of that. mischievous.gif

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Wishing you lots of baby dust, erigeron!


I POAS today and got a -ve.  Only 10DPO so I'm sure it was too early to test.  My nipples are sooo sensitive and quite painful when DD2 latches.  Nursing feels just like it did when I was nursing DD1 and preggo with DD2.  I'm much too hopeful this month; I know I'll be so disappointed if AF arrives on Thursday!

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It's nice to meet you (all of you)!! I grew up in Victoria, moved here 5 and a half years ago. I miss Victoria so much.. Living 3 hours north of Edmonton, and being a vegan, AP-type, "extended" breastfeeding family makes us a major rarity here in the Texas of Canada. I'm glad to have found this forum smile.gif
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Fingers crossed for you angelkissedkids!! I can only imagine, herbivora! I'm also vegan. DHs family are Albertans so I get an idea of what it must be like.
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What! Vegan too? Awesome!

So under normal circumstances I would have nothing to report except that.. I'm 4dpo (MAX 5dpo, I felt O pain 5 days ago but wasn't temping very reliably given the fever and all) and I have spotting. WTF is this? Has anyone had spotting this early before? When I said my luteal phase was short I meant like.. 9 days, not 4-5!! If this is my period, please someone take me out back and go all Old Yeller on me, AF would just add insult to injury right now with how I've been feeling.

You can tell my family I went to go live on a 'farm'. :P
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Could you move me to Waiting to know, please... thanks!  I got a positive OPK today, and I'm having some really, really strong mittleschmertz on my left side (along with other signs of ovulation about to occur) so I'm happy that my system seems to be working fine.  Now, all I have to do is hope that my eggs don't know how old they are, and act accordingly!  Ugh, the tww is hard...


AKK, good luck!

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Im also Canadian, from Nova Scotia ..
DD 6mos, 2mons TTC #2
please move me to WAITING TO KNOW smile.gif
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No news to share today.  I managed to not POAS this morning thanks to the $store being closed yesterday earlier than I thought.  I plan to test again tomorrow (12DPO).


Wishing you lots of serenity for those of you just starting your 2WW!  I thought I would be so zen this month but my sore nipples are making me a little crazy with anticipation!


herbivora, is it brown blood or bright red?  There's no way you're 6DPO and having early implantation?

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Well, I'm out - Please move me to waiting to O - DD 19 months, TTC 6 months. Good luck to the rest of you ladies waiting to know!!
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