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Congrats Destiny!!!  You're lucky to be so fertile.  I hope your babydust is contagious to the rest of us!


erigeron, glad to hear that you ended up enjoying your BDing.  I find that sometimes the only reason I'm initiating is because I think I should but then I almost always end up enjoying myself once we're dancing :-) 


AFM, I don't want to double post for those of you also subbed to the 2WW thread but it's now late afternoon on CD29 and AF almost always arrives early afternoon on CD28 so I may be late.  I had the tiniest bit of brownish CM yesterday morning, a tiny little bit again this a.m. and nothing else since!  I'm very optimistic despite another BFN today.  If this is IB, then I hope to see a BFP in the next day or two; I'll be so sad if AF arrives instead.

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Still no af here. Waiting to test again either Sunday or Monday.

Congrats to the positives!
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Another Canadian here! Kitchener, ON


I am now 40 days into my cycle, with 3 bfn. I've only had one PPAF, and my son turns 2 next month. I don't know what is going on in my body. We were super faithful dancers for the first two weeks, but I just couldn't keep it up. Now I don't know if I O'd (I didn't bother to temp, I just tried to BD every day, figured it wouldn't matter when I O'd), or when it might have happened. DS has been nursing a lot, but I don't think it is much more than before. Could my body revert back after only 1 PPAF?

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Thanks everyone smile.gif Good luck to the rest of you TTC. hopefully it is contageous & you all get to see some PPTs this month !
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Well I'm not Canadian but I'm from Maine so pretty darn close! I'm thrilled to have actually ovulated nearly on time this month, CD 18.  I'm 4 dpo now so I can be added to the TWW, or one week wait if my lp doesn't cooperate. I've had IB with all three of my previous pregnancies so I'll be looking for that soon. Random question, I seem to have a slow temp rise after ovulating, is this a function of breastfeeding or is it just me?

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I have a question for you all: how many days does your EWCM last?


I'm on cd12 and am pleasantly surprised to see that my follicular phase may not turn out to be short this cycle afterall. EWCM was present on cd9 and i figured for sure O would arrive (much too) early. holding my breath now that O will hold out just a couple more days so i can begin the TWW w/ some actual hope!

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Good question about the EWCM, I was wondering the same thing. Mine lasts a total of about 5 days-- one or two days of small amount showing up, then 2 days of really good amount, then one day where it tapers off. I'm trying to figure out if my 'peak day' is really that last day where I still have some (as per TCOYF), but it's hard not to believe that my most fertile day wouldn't be the day where I've had the absolute most.

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good point, tenzinsmama (love the name tenzin, btw. it would have been last babe's name had she been a boy)


hopefully somebody will weigh in.

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Tested again and could see a very faint second line after 3 minutes. Will test in another few days in the morning.
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Prior to having children I usually ha 3-4 days of EWCM, and seemed to O on CD 13 pretty consistently.  Since babies (and thus while breastfeeding) EWCM lasts longer, it definately takes my body a while to get over the estrogen hump and actually O.  Once I get more regular and my LOs are nursing less, I have probably 5 days EWCM and O on CD 15.  This past month, only my second pp cycle, I had 8 days and Oed on CD 18.  And I almost always have one day of EWCM after I O,  usually not as much as my peak day, and  I usually have a slow rise.  I'm pretty confident of my O day since I get really really intense sharp ovary pains for a half hour or so, seems like I feel it more and more after each baby.  I've been thinking a lot about the slow rise phenomenon, wouldn't it make sense that you'd be more likely to concieve twins with a slow rise since it is the increase in progesterone that signals the other eggs that had been developing not to release?  Twins run in my family (my maternal grandfather was a twin), so perhaps this is the biology behind it? 

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100% mom congrats!

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Fern, I notice many of the same things you describe about gearing up to O, and the more intense ovary pain around O.


Question for you all, if you are using OPKs and you get a positive, when do you ensure you bd? And do you test once or twice a day?

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move me to success good luck to the rest of you. I got a positive this evening again.
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So, while I'm definitely not ready to declare myself a success story, I got a BFP tonight on a FRER (4 days after AF was due; many BFNs before now).  However, I'm also bleeding today like I did for 5 days during the start of my last pregnancy.  I have no idea why I have an almost normal AF when I am indeed pregnant.  I will be following up with my doctor tomorrow to get bloodwork and an ultrasound but I'm still excited!  Grow baby grow!  This was cycle #4 TTC LO#3, 5PPAF, DD 22mos.


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Wow, a big congratulations 100%mom!!!  It's nice to know that some other women are a bit slow to get their BFPs like I am!  I've POASd way too many times since 10DPO, all -ve or what I thought were evap lines, until my BFP tonight!

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Congrats 100% and AKK!!!!


I would to love POAS next week and see one of those 2nd lines for myself, I would be so overjoyed I don't even have words for it...

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Yay AKK! I've been lurking by hoping to see your bfp! Congrats to all the positives this month!
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Congrats, AKK!!
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Congrats AKK! That is a very strong looking BFP!

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Updated to here


Congrats Destiny33, 100%Mom, and angelkissedkids


Sorry for being a very slow threadkeeper, DS has been sick pretty much most of the month, first a mild flu like illness which I caught then an ear infection followed by a stomach bug, which I also got a mild version of. 


Does someone want to take over the thread for FEB???  I am feeling a bit overwhelemed and am looking forward to a break from it.

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