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I was first thinking to post this in the decluttering forum since there's so many how-to-clean smarties over there, but I figure people over here really know what I mean when I say I use LOTS OF OIL on my body. 


Pre-mama days, it was easy cause I had all the time in the world to just sit around on a designated towel and read novels til my goop of choice soaked in enough to go to bed or get dressed or whatever. Also, back then I didn't have dyshidrotic eczema which often requires that I slather one foot in non-petroleum jelly over which I wear those odd moisturizing socks (over which I wear yet another sock) but the jelly soaks right through. Thus my sheets all have these greasy dark stains along the foot. 


Today I was given a pot of luxuriously moisturizing night time facial cream, and I can just see my pillows going the way of my sheets. 


Does anyone (like a heavy oil using massage therapist!) have recommendations for non toxic laundering tricks to keep things clean? Of course, to make it all as simple as possible!, I am chemically sensitive, so I'm looking for the gentlest solution...