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Geometry book for 9 year old ?

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dd seems to like geometry.  She is working on Singapore Math 4B right now and whenever problems come up with angles and such, she wishes there were more of those.  I could make them up but I was also looking around for a book that might have more geometry.  Most seem directed at older kids - at least 14 or so ... anyone know of a geometry book that is accessible for younger readers?  She has read Savage Shapes (by Kjartan Poskitt) and enjoyed that very much, but it doesn't have any exercises to work out, it is just a book to read. 

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The Key to Geometry series might be just what you're looking for, and cheap.

Art of Problem Solving has an intro to geometry text intended for 6th or 7th graders on up. It would probably start out at about the level Key to leaves off at.

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This is where I really liked Math Mammoth's books.  In our case, my dd needed extra help with geometry.  We downloaded the subject specific text (around $5) and focused on geometry for a while.  It was the perfect fix for us.  It would also be great for someone who just loved it. 




Here is the link to the one my 10 yr old used.  http://www.mathmammoth.com/geometry_1.php


There is also an early geometry and a geometry 2.  

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Geometry Demystified has problems to do. Also, look online.
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Not exactly a book, but an idea:  My nine year old loves geometry too.  We bought him a compass and straightedge and a book about constructions (the art/mathematics of creating shapes and angles with only a compass and ruler.)  The book I bought was "Ruler and Compass, Practical Geometrical Constructions, by Andrew Sutton."  I found the book a little bit difficult.  It was kind of hard to figure out how the different steps to make the constructions were notated.  So I would recommend this book with reservations unless you yourself are a math person.  I'd imagine there are clearer books out there on this subject though. 


But the thing that made this such a creative process for him was outside the book.  I also gave him problems to figure out on his own.  For example, using only a compass and straightedge, how could one make parallel lines?  Or an equilateral triangle?  Or a right angle?  He then could work it out, and then compare his own construction with the one in the book.   

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Further to Dovey's suggestion, my 9-year-old has had a fabulous time at an art class this year focused on "patterns and shapes in nature," where they've been doing many of the same constructions with compass and straight-edge. They started with a circle and a line segment, then moved to making equilateral triangles, then squares and hexagons, then golden rectangles and Fibonacci spirals. They've made mandalas and hexaflexagons and dodecahedrons and octahedrons out of a variety of art media and textiles. Concentric and intersecting circles, giant flowers, snowflakes, designed, drawn and coloured. And they've done a lot of nature study, looking at spirals and branching patterns and hexagon packing and golden means in flora and fauna. The teacher, who is fabulous, recommended a series of self-published books that go through all these constructions in detail for kids, but I've forgotten the author's name. If you're interested I could ask her.



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Thanks everyone, I am going to try some of these. 

meanwhile dd has gotten interested in Vi Hart videos, starting with  Hexaflexagons 

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