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Hey ladies- I had my babies early Friday morning. After a four hour labor, Calliope Jane ane Eleanor Wendy were both born vaginally. Wendy had a pretty rough time breathing and has been transferred to the bigger hospital, about thirty minutes away from me and Callie. But, she's doing well, and I'm going up to try and latch her today.

They were born at 35 weeks, 1 day.
Callie was 4 lbs 6 oz and 16.5 inches long.
Wendy was 4 lbs 9 oz and 16.5 inches long.

Callie was born in the shower and caught by my doula who is also a midwife and Wendy was born about 17 minutes later after an internal version and delivered pretty immediately afterwards. Their placentas were fused, and it was huge.

More updates with pics later.
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Oh my goodness!  CONGRATS.


Those are some great weights.  Hope Wendy gets to be with you soon.  Can't wait to hear more and see pictures!!!!

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HOLLY! So exciting. Congratulations, and beautiful names! I hope all of you get to be together soon, and I'll be waiting eagerly for pics and birth story...when you're not too busy with two beautiful babes!

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Congratulations congratulations!  You don't hear about shower births too often :).  Were they going to make you deliver in the OR?  I'm trying to figure out my way around that (if baby B stays breech).


Praying that Wendy can go home soon and you all can get some good bonding time in!  

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CONGRATULATIONS! Tearing up for you :). Hope you can have both of your baby girls home with you soon. Rest up, strong mama!

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!!! congratulations! i'm so excited for you and i hope your little one can be with you soon. stillheart.gif

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Oh, how very exciting!!! Congratulations!!! I hope you can all be reunited soon. <3

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I'm so happy for you!!!
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omg!! Congrats Holly!!! great job!!  can't wait to see pictures and i hope you have them both with you soon!

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that is so amazing and so happy all of you are doing well!


rest and blessings and quick recovery and healing for all!!!

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Congratulations!! I can't believe we have babies in our group already! I can't wait to see pics and hope you are all home together soon.
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Yay! Congrats, mama!!
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Oh how awesome!!! Congratulations!!! A twin born in the shower at a hospital! You rock!!! Can't wait for pics!

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OMG, that's so exciting! Congrats!


Can't wait to see the pioneer babies of the Feb DDC!

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Congrats! Very exciting!

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Wow! Congratulations! Hope you are all together soon.
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Wow, Holly!! Congratulations on the birth of your girls!! So glad to hear you had a short labor and vaginal birth. I hope Wendy is doing better now and that you were able to see her today. Wishing you and your girls a smooth and rapid recovery!!
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YAY! Congratulations!! What an amazing story! smile.gif I'm so happy for you and your family!
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Congratulations mama! Can't wait for the full story!

I have said multiple times this week that I can't believe how little time is remaining, and now we have our first (I believe) birth in our DDC! Wow...
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