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February has babies!

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Just a note to say... we're next!


Since I'm due March 1, I spend some time on the February Due Date Club as well, and we just got an announcement over there-- twins, born at 35 weeks!  (And delivered vaginally, at that!)  Mom and babies (each around the 4.5 lb mark) are doing just fine and I'm so happy for them.


Get ready, ladies!

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HOLY CRAP!!!  That's crazy!!!!! 

Congrats to the February Mama!

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jumpers.gif Very happy for them.  Some days it seems like a long time till our little ones will be here and other times I realize how short of a time it really is.

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Oh yeah! As much as I can't wait to meet this little one, we are not ready!!!! Yikes! I feel like there's so much to do still!!
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I agree - I'm getting really excited to meet this baby, but at the same time, I wouldn't complain if time slowed down a little.  Maybe it would be different if I was really uncomfortable or something, but I'm feeling great and I'm not sure I'm ready to do this yet...  Eek - it's all so exciting!!

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I lurk over there too, as I've never gone past 39 weeks, lol.

How exciting, we are getting close! Thank goodness!
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YIKES! I am so not ready. 

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GACK! Is it okay if I go quietly freak out in a corner, now? I am SO NOT READY for baby #2! XD

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I am so ready to meet the babies, but still incredibly unprepared!! And let's not forget that February is a short month!
AHHHHHHjaw2.gifI seriously can't believe how close we are to welcoming all of our babies!!

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My due date is March 1 (according to the ultrasound, my dates put it a week later) so I also lurk on the February board.
Now that Christmas is past and the New Year begun, there's no denying how close we are to meeting our new babies. I am incredibly unprepared and as we have to move between now and then, I can't really do a lot of things I would otherwise. Yikes! But also yay!
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I've been lurking the other boards just to see all of the newborns lol
I skyped with my friend today who had a baby in November. He is SO adorable. I told her that she is lucky that I'm already pregnant or else I'd have extreme baby fever!

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