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Questions on Intact Penis

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My son is intact and until the day before yesterday there haven't been any problems. This might not even be related to him being intact but I wanted some advice because I am still learning about having an intact son.

The first thing that happened is the night before last night he peed in his bed. He came and told me about it and I figured it was a pee dream so I told him not to worry about it.

Then yesterday he peed in his pants. He told me he tried to make it to the bathroom but he didn't. I thought perhaps he just was too involved in what he was doing but at this point I started to get concerned. However, he has no fever and wasn't complaining of any pain or urge to urinate so I put it on the back burner.

This morning he made it to the bathroom but peed all over his pants and floor.

I asked him if it hurts when he pees (he is five) and he said no, it hurts when he squeezes it. So, I told him not to squeeze it.

I took a look at it this morning and the tip of it is red, not an angry red but irritated looking. There is no pus or anything like that.

So, I had him soak in an epsom salt bath just out of instinct.

I told him the next time he goes to the bathroom to call me so I can come in and see what is happening.

Does this sound like an UTI to you? I know they are uncommon in boys but can cause young kids to pee on themselves - but don't they usually come with other symptoms?

Or do you think anything else might be going on?

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I do not believe that circumcision status has any impact on bed wetting or them wetting themselves. For some individuals the very tip can be a pinkish color and the entire foreskin can be pink on the inside, which will become visible once it retracts. Some individuals may also have ballooning of the foreskin or may spray while they urinate, particularly if they have a long foreskin.


It appears likely that this may be irritation caused by him repeatedly wetting himself, especially if he is left in that condition for a while. Irritation and redness can also occur once the foreskin begins to separate from the glans.


Epsom salt baths can be a good way to reduce this sensitivity and i would reccomend attempting to get him clean soon after he wets himself.


I would watch the situation, but would not be to concerned at this point. Be sure to update us if you see signs of increasing irritation, redness or swelling.

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My middle son's foreskin (just at the tip) gets irritated and very painful during urination sometimes, well only 3 times in his whole life, and when it happened last week and I had no idea what caused it I was really concerned. I had him take a bath and then put some neosporin on it a couple of times and it was fine within 24 hrs. I told him to tell me right away if it happens again.

Idk if it got irritated or what but I it has also happened to my oldest son who is circed so I guess it is in the realm of normal.

I was worried about a uti too but it got better so fast. If it hadn't I would have taken him to the doc. Good luck!
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