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Mine's mostly just my normal flabby belly, but sticking out a wee more and a bit firmer. Not really much different from my non-pregnant state, except I don't mind showing it off when there's a baby in there! lol.gif

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No real "bump" here yet...just thickness under the mama pooch I already have. I'm still losing weight...but expect that to stop now because my nausea is going away and I'm STARVING (particularly for carbs). Today I baked bread and ate a couple slices with butter and honey, and bought a donut on the way out of the grocery store to scarf in the car.bag.gif  Now I'm making oven pancakes and bacon for supper, with the last of our home canned peaches and some greek yogurt to top the pancake. And then I'll probably have a big snack in a few hours. But maybe I'll try to keep that to veggies and hummus or something reasonable.  

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lovely bellies ladies!

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I'll probably upload another pic Friday after my appt. 15 weeks that day and I feel huge! I'll probably take one right when I get up and one in the afternoon/evening just to see how much is still just bloating. You are all looking so cute!
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I finally have a belly picture! I'm 15 weeks and 4 days today. Please excuse my unbrushed hair, and also my daughter wanted to be in the photo as well.


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Nice, nettlesoup! It is fun to see what we all look like IRL, pregnant or not.

I'll see about getting a picture up today or tomorrow, sans bump of course since there is still nothing to see.

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It is nice putting faces to the names. It's weird how everyone's bumps vary so much in size!

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Very cute Nettlesoup! That's a definite bump!
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here is my bump....12 weeks tomorrow.

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You have such a neat bump Amanda bee!

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Nettlesoup: thanks smile.gif your bump is quite lovely (& your daughter is adorable....she looks like she has a mischievous glint in her eyes !)
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Thank you! She is mischievious, that one. She also looks identical to my sister, yet doesn't look at all like either of her actual parents. I wonder if this baby will look like either of us.

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I'm only posting this because I feel like I owe you ladies a picture. It's a bit fuzzy and truthfully maybe slightly more bulge than usual in the lower abdominal area... 14w today.
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nettlesoup  -my sister and I look so much alike (at least that's what OTHER ppl say!)  Whenever we are out together, DD loves to be around her aunt, and ppl think DD is my sister's kid because they have the same hair color!  I totally get passed up as being the mom, lol!

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Hehe, I know how you feel!

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13+4. I can't believe how big my belly is already, I just keep telling myself its #5 and my abdominal muscles have thrown in the towel. Lol
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15 weeks! Definitely showing faster with the 2nd! It's so weird. I know I have about 10 extra pounds this time around so my existing pooch makes my tummy look bigger. :-/
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Lots of lovely bumps! I like how every one is different.

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15 weeks. And I am also showing way faster this time!
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Wow, I love these belly photos!  Also, to the PP who mentioned that it's simply nice to see everyone's faces too, just because I am very visual and I feel like I "know" you guys better!

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