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aidenn, so sorry about Hyacinth! greensad.gif

Here's week 35:
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Me a few days ago at 36w. I don't feel this big. Ugh.
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Dakipode - I feel ya on the baby shower pics! We were so busy getting ready with everything we completely forgot about pictures! We went all out with the theme and arranging the foods, coming up with clever names for them, arranging the tables, hanging up decorations.... only got a pic of the cake.... The whole shower was totally Pinterest worthy!
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I know I'm not pregnant anymore but I wanted to share one of my last belly pics. I took this Sunday night. My water broke Monday morning. She was so incredibly low, but the thought that she was going to come the very next day never crossed my mind. I honestly had mentally prepared myself for another 9 days of pregnancy.
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My water broke Monday afternoon*
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Wow, MM, she really was low! Congrats again smile.gif
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The little guy has dropped some. My belly sits on my lap now.
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37.3 weeks, still pretty high

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Here's 35wks 6days. Scary close to term! Same pose-- same dress. Do I look bigger? I feel huge!!!

And there's a cute photo bomber!

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Love love love all the big bellies :) 


here is mine - just one of my belly which got hennaed last night at my motherblessing!  37w2d



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Wow awesome picture splath
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How beautiful, splath!
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Thank you!  I am absolutely in love with it.  I have always wanted to do henna on my belly and am so happy I was able to work it out for what will almost positively be my last pregnancy.

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We are all very, very pregnant now, ladies!

Wow, MamaMash, that was one low belly! You can see that she was ready to come.

LOVE the hennaed tree, splath! I'd really love to get the belly henna done, too, but sadly, I don't think it will happen. Maybe I'll try painting on it myself one of these days.

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Everyone is looking lower to me. tilly, I think it's especially obvious since you are wearing the same dress.

Beautiful belly, splath!

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Love all the bellies!!! smile.gif
Been meaning to add mine in for awhile now...

39wks, 4days
45 lbs gained so far!!!! Lol feeling REALLY ready to meet this child
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36wk!! 3 more wk and ill get to meet my son! and i was cold in my house and super excited i could still fit in that hoodie! lol                                   

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Everyone looks great! I do love your henna,
Splath! Letnia, what a perfect round belly! Mexi, very cute- it's been a little chilly here, especially in the evenings.

Here's me, almost 35 weeks.
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chispita, I think you do look lower than in your previous pics.  Not super low, but definitely lower.


splath, LOVE the henna!!  I want, I want!!!


Everyone's looking great!  We all have such big bellies now.  I came home today and my dad just looked at me and said, "God, your belly's huge."

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letniaLynne - Thanks for sharing your weight gain numbers with me!  My scale has slowly been creeping up here at the final countdown.  I'm hoping to keep my total weight under 224 (my weight when I delivered each girl) from a starting weight of 178 (my starting weight with each of the three pregnancies!).  It's looking kind of dicey right now at 216 and 37 weeks pregnant....  eyesroll.gif

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