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37 weeks 3 days

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37 weeks today! I celebrate by trying to be fancy with my mirror.

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37 weeks plus 1 day! A blurry shot. I need a new camera badly.


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37wk picture of pictures from my maternity shoot :)

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39 weeks


Today is the day when I really feel "done". So, no hurry, but baby I'm ready whenever you are.

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Above was 35 weeks. Getting bigger every single day.... below is exactly a week later at 36 weeks. This is how I walk around most nights lately because it is HOT in LA right now and we don't have AC by the beach. It's also my first bare-belly shot... looks so much bigger when not covered :) 


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sarah1981- you look like me right now lol. unless my daughter friends come over or i go out side im always in a sports bra and yoga pants/shorts :) its the only thing that fits esp now im growing every day to.

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@ 39 w 5d  sept 5th is my due date

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Looking good, hands! I was just thinking of you and hoping all was well.
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thanks cmu, I'm doing good.  Feeling like I'm carrying around a watermelon in my pelvis and so ready to feel some relief!  Otherwise very happy that my baby is full term and praying for a smooth delivery.

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Glad to see some activity from you, hands, and good to hear you're doing well.

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thanks, I've been lurking around.

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Here is a picture from 1 week ago, when I was 37 weeks 5 days:





The belly painting is a picture on Labor Day at the Rally to Improve Birth www.improvebirth.org, when I was 38 weeks 2 days.  (I posted this picture in another thread earlier, as well.).

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momzilla - Good for you for going to the birth rally!  I just COULD NOT get enthusiastic about attending ours in the weather - it was 96 degrees that morning in Florida.  Having said that, I think actually having a pregnant woman there speaks volumes about birth choices and options!


I'm 39 weeks today.  Now that I am technically full term (and DD1 was born at 39w exactly) it's kind of starting to sink in.  LOTS of toning contractions (love this term, lilmamita!) to the point where I cannot sleep at night because it's like having a hard bowling ball strapped to my midsection.


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40w4d!  My husband painted this for me :love






And in the second photo I'm wearing my birth necklace from our bead exchange. :)

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Looks awesome kali😃

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You all look great! Love the paint, Kali.

Here's me today, just 36 weeks 6 days.

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KaliHekate - I'm so jealous of your belly button, it looks great! Mine is all weirdly lopsided :rotflmao

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