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Four people know so far: DH, my mother, my ballet teacher and my tennis teacher. My ballet teacher has become a close friend over the years and she was there for me when I had the ectopic. She's a mother of 6 so I'll take any advice from her I can get. My tennis teacher is a great guy though we are not that close. I felt I had to tell him because I've been asking him to take it easy on me.
After telling those four people it's been easier to not say anything, like it relieved some pressure. I have a couple of close friends who I will probably tell after we hear a heart beat next week. They were also there for me last time so I feel ok with telling them even if it doesn't work out.
We'll probably wait till 12 weeks to tell DH's parents, they're out of town so it's not that hard to keep a secret from them.
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I'm having a hard time with this!


With both of my first two kids, we let our families and close friends know pretty much right away. They were definitely planned pregnancies, and most people knew we were trying anyway. This time is different. Not exactly planned (oops!), and I'm worried about negative comments. Most people seem to think two kids is the only acceptable number: if you have only one, they keep bothering you about when #2 is coming. If you already have two, they assume that's where you'll stop. My sister's already told me many reasons why having three is a bad idea when I've mentioned over the past years that I wasn't sure if we were done at two. She, especially, I'm not looking forward to telling.


But, at the same time, I'm ITCHING to tell the world! It's hard to keep it a secret. So far, only my husband and two close couple friends know (and one of those I only told because the wife just announced that SHE is pregnant, too!). At the very least, I want to wait one more week to tell our families, as I am just 5 weeks today. Ideally, I'd wait till 8-10 weeks, but I'm really not sure I can last that long.

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We will tell the rest of our family after Thursday's ultrasound, The owner of my local coffee shop knows now because I was supposed to help him out last week and was too sick to do it. I told him I had been under the weather and he said I hope all is okay. I said it's not a bad kind of under the weather. He knew we were doing IVF again so it was my hint without flat-out saying it.

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We told our daughter on Friday and she seems quite happy about the whole thing. She thinks we should name the baby Couch Crawler.

I told my parents yesterday and they were both very happy, and we're telling my OH's family today.

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Well, that went really well. Not.


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mrsandmrs - ouch. Hopefully he'll get excited about it once he has time to digest.

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@ mrsandmrs. such a typical teen response...lol.... 


i saw an OBGYN today... it is official i am 4 weeks and 4 days pregnant.

due to past miscarriages we are going to wait until 12 weeks to tell the older kids

(we have teens too & i am sure their response will be similar to mrsandmrs's son).

so far i have told 4 (close) friends who knew i was trying to get pregnant.

i think we are going to wait to tell most of the family until after 12 weeks as well.

(my dad's response 11 years ago when i told him i was pregnant was

"i hope you have a 14 year old daughter" (i was a quite a handful)FIREdevil.gif

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mrsandmrs: oh no! Awesome pic! Don't ever let him find out you posted it for all of us ladies to see! orngbiggrin.gif
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Bwahaha! I love that response. I'm sure my almost-12 and 14 year olds will react similarly.
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Funny story.

A while back a friend of mine, who was recently pregnant and knowing we were going to begin trying soon, offered me the rest of her ovulation test strips which I happily said yes to. Because of circumstances I didn't get to see her again until today when I was over at her place for her son's 3rd birthday party. So she had the strips and some extra tests in a box for me, but because we're not announcing until 12 weeks or so, I had to just smile, thank her and take them otherwise it would just look a teensy bit "suspicious".

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the surly teen pictured above has decided to make the most of things by suggesting baby names. his current favorite girl name is fontenot & his favorite boy name is balthazar..... i think he's making fun of us, but i sincerely cannot tell. did i mention that he doesn't know we're having twins yet? one thing at a time. 

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We told one set of DH's Aunts and Uncles and left a message for the other. No call back, which is odd, but they travel a lot so maybe they are out of town.

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not telling anyone until they see my bump and guess themselves.really enjoying having this early part to myself x

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Mrsandmrs, I love Balthazar. Maybe not such a bad choice?
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At this point I've told everyone I wanted to tell, 4 people + DH and mom. I feel very awkward about lying to everyone else though. A lot of people know we are/were trying, I'm very close with a lot of my clients so a lot of personal information gets exchanged. So now when people ask I find myself forced to lie and it just feels icky.
Anyone else in a similar situation? How do you feel about outright lying?
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Brightstarshine, I am enjoying having this early part to myself as well. We told DSp's parents and brother, but they live in another town so we don't see them a lot. My sister knows because she asked me when DD started talking about the baby in mommy's belly. She isn't talking about it much because I think she is a little jealous because this is our second and we don't have our finances all lined up perfectly like her husband is having them do before having any kids. She's hearing the biological clock ticking louder now.
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I don't lie if people guess, but I haven't formally announced to local folk. It's pretty obvious though.

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9 weeks today.  Two days ago we went to a party with about 30 of our friends.  Only 1 person there knew.  Then another one guessed, DF confirmed, and that friend told EVERYONE!  He was very excited but still!  LOL.  Oh well...parents already know (2 of them guessed).  Pretty much everyone knows now actually...only thing left to do is make it "facebook official," but I'll wait on that a bit!

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I'm a couple of days past 8 weeks.  My husband and I have each told a couple of people we're close to + our parents.  I think I'll probably be more comfortable telling  people after my first appointment this week, but I'm hoping to put off telling people who will spread it through the whole family grapevine until at least 12 weeks.  (This is tough because my mom really wants to share the news with a couple of people who will immediately spread it.)


My unresolved question for now, is when to tell my supervisor and a couple of other people at work.  I'd really like to wait until 12-16 weeks.  Normally, this would be fine.  I sit in my office, work, and don't interact that much with other people. I can eat all day for hunger and to stave off nausea and no one notices.  But, I'm going to a conference with lot of co-workers when I'm about 10 weeks.  Will people notice that I'm snacking all day? That I occasionally look sick and run to the bathroom? Should I turn down evening plans since that's when I usually feel crappy? Do I tip off my supervisor in advance?(answer: probably not) Also, I don't think my pregnancy boobs are going to work with my usual conference clothes (goodbye for now favorite dress), and I'm going to have to root around in my closet to figure out what to wear.

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We told our parents and my fiancé's brother right the weekend we found out, at 5 weeks. But we're waiting on announcing it to everyone else until the end of the first trimester, after we have first test results back. I don't like putting anything too personal on Facebook, so I don't know if or how I'll be announcing it on there.
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