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One of the first people I told was a friend who is also a neighbour who I thought I could trust. Last week I found out that most of the people on country estate we live on knew before my own family knew. I was not happy. I will be having words with her when I next see her.

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Oh, it always sucks to find out that you can't trust someone to be discreet!

AFM, now that the initial excitement has worn off I haven't had much of an urge to tell more people. Even my close friends don't know. I almost feel like maybe I can just let the months go by and when I finally have a belly in June or July someone will notice and ask and I'll say yes and that'll be that. In this same little fantasy people wouldn't know I was pregnant till I sent them a baby shower invitation... I'm sort of enjoying people not knowing right now.
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nettle - that would send me through the roof. i am very strict about keeping secrets and i expect the same from my friends. how disappointing. 


as for us, i'm having the 12 week ultrasound this week and "graduating" from the fertility clinic - tapering off meds, and going to the doctor a lot less frequently will be so awesome. so, we're going to start telling people in earnestness this week. We have a dinner planned on Friday with my in-laws. I have tried to convince my wife & our teen that he should wear a "big brother" tshirt and unzip his hoodie at the right moment, but they both seem to think i'm a dork. I guess I will call my brother and the few close friends who don't know on friday. I am most nervous about telling my (new, male) boss, but I feel a lot of pressure to do it ASAP since my wife wants to "facebook announce" like, on friday, and I definitely would rather he hear it from me than the grapevine. Blech. 

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I totally agree with you dakipode. Early on I thought I would explode with not being able to tell anyone and sometimes even now I want to mention it when people ask me why I am not making plans for September (it came up in a conversation) because I am a bad liar or evasive thinker.

But right now I really don't want to tell anyone aside from my fiance. I'm enjoying just the two of us knowing.
We've decided on the Easter weekend as the time when we will release the news to the public.

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I had told family and close friends pretty early on, but just announced to the fb world today with this picture of my dd

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Aww, that's such a nice way to tell everyone! Your daughter is really cute.

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mamamash, that photo is so cute! i am sure it was well-received. 

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Thank you ladies smile.gif it turned out better than I could have hoped
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Aww! So adorable.
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Thats an awesome picture. 

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amazing picture!!!

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Thanks!! smile.gif I owe a lot of the credit to my sisters. One helped me set it up and the other took the picture. I found a picture on Pinterest that gave me the idea but without them it never would have come to life.
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That picture is perfect mamamash.


We've told a few close friends, MIL, my family, etc.  We also told dd the other day - she's excited.  I'm waiting until after my 12 week appointment where I hope to hear the heartbeat to let the cat out of the bag for everyone else.

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I have just announced on facebook as we just came back from the 12 week scan.

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I've just realized that even though I was planning on announcing to family and friends after next week assuming everything was fine at our scan, that's no a good idea - at least not the friends part since I work with a coupe of them and I'm not ready to announce at work till after our mid year reviews originally I wanted to avoid announcing at work till it was visible, but with a  third acquaintance [who I'm no longer friends with] also working in my same group and him being likely to find out through common friends, and not known for his discretion .... probably not a good idea)

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Mamamash, the picture is so cute!

Mrsandmrs, I like the one of your son, too- I'm not looking forward to telling my 16 & 14 year old DDs. They'll be 17 and 15 when baby arrives, only 2 and 4 years younger than I was when I had DD1! What a trip.

I'm just over 8 weeks now, and I want to put off telling as long as possible. Mostly because I don't want negative feedback, even a hint of it, from anyone. I spent a long time as a single mother before meeting DP and starting round two of motherhood, and I worked hard to put myself through school, only to toss all that aside and do the mommy thing again. I think I'm really lucky, and I love it- but I know I've got some family members who don't see it that way.

I'm hoping I can keep my belly in check for another month so I don't give myself away smile.gif
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Well, I'm thinking I need to tell the boss today...  My (pregnant with 3 more weeks to go) office manager asked my last week if I was still doing P90X... I just said, Oh, no, I wasn't able to do it anymore...  and then she commented something about the holidays getting in the way and I just agreed (that was around the time we tried, so it was sort of the truth).  Today, we were passing each other in the office and I swear she looked dead at my growing stomach!  I do want to tell my boss and office manager the news before she goes on maternity leave for 6 weeks, because after, I just think I will be too big to be able to hide it and I want to give them as much time as possible because I am going to be asking for extra time off.  SO, I'll let you guys know how it goes!

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I am a TERRIBLE liar/secret keeper. I told my mom and BFF right away. My BFF gave me the pregnancy test, so I couldn't have kept it from her if I wanted to. DH and I have each been telling selected people. I have told the people I work directly with, but not mt boss yet. It is a very small office, and we talk about our lives a lot. There is no way I could have kept it from them. Also, I felt I owed them an explanation for my schedule changes, running to the bathroom every 5 minutes, etc.

We have not gone facebook official yet. We are waiting to hear the HB at 12 weeks, and then telling DH's kids in person first. At least, I hope we are. His ex has prevented him from seeing or speaking to them for almost a year now. We are going to their state in March (she moved them across the country), and will hopefully be able to see both of them.
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Welp, told the boss, but not the office manager because she was out.  He was very supportive of the soon-to-be addition to my family.  And he was open to discussion about extra time off so I didn't have put the baby into childcare right away.  Pretty good discussion, but I'm still jittery from the nerves!!!

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esen - i am having that conversation (with the boss) tomorrow. eek ! i am already amped up about it. 

today i called my grandma, my mother's sisters and hopefully i'll get in touch with my brother and my last work friend i want to tell in person today. then i am feeling like my work is pretty much done. 

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