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Esen and mrsandmrs -- so exciting to hear about these conversations going well!

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jenny -- please tell me how your teens respond! i am so interested in how teens deal with the new babies! 


i forgot to say, when i talked to my grandma she had some great advice from another decade. she is concerned that i shouldn't get too fat, and she's pretty sure I should quit my job because I can't raise two babies while I work (i love my job and work at a really family-friendly non-profit). then she complained about how no one ever calls her with good news except me, and told me a lot about her up-coming hip replacement surgery. it was kind of an amazing conversation. 

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We announced today!!
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This is how we announced it.
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Aww, I love the pictures!

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So cute. Great pictures, both of you.
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Very cute pics ladies!
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I love all these pictures! So cute! orngbiggrin.gif


We've finally told close family members, with the exceptions of my husband's father and stepmother, simply because it got too late to call them last night. They'll be told tonight. We just did the simple phone call thing, but I've ordered t-shirts for my boys that say "Biggest Brother Liam" and "Big Brother Jonah" for the facebook announcement. I figure I'll also be able to use them again when the baby is here — we'll just order a "Little Borther ____" or Little Sister ____" shirt for the baby! It will be really cute for a photoshoot. :)

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awesome pics!


i was busted by my 11 year old son on monday night...he found a pregnancy app on my phone & witnessed me get super nauseous in the grocery store...

he asked me if i was pregnant & i said yes. (* i am bit worried as i was hoping to wait for 3 more weeks before telling him in case i m/c).

my DS's initial reaction was happy but he wanted to know the sex right away (he wants a girl). i tried to explain that i did not know & we would have to wait until the birth. we spent the evening snuggling on the couch talking about how it would impact our family. we also talked through his trepidations and worries (he has been the baby for the past 11 years & is not sure he wants to be "replaced"). i assured him this would never be the case! 

all in all he is super excited about his future sibling (as long as it is a girl...lol). 


he wanted to tell my 16 year old DSD right away! we told her via skype (we are up north at the moment -2000km away)

she was also super stoked and hopes for a girl as well...lol...


oh the pressure to have a girl.


my kid has an evil plan to tell the world about our impending bundle of joy. he thinks it would be hilarious to post an u/s picture on april fools day on my facebook account... he thinks it would be so funny because everyone would think it was a joke.... he is a nutter (but it made me laugh)...oh my family would spazz (it is going to be quite a shock as they have given up on me having more kids).

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Idk if we're going to do an "official" Facebook announcement. My immediate family knows and we're telling his family starting with his mom tomorrow. This is only her second grandchild (DP's daughter is 23), but she loves my kids like her own grand kids, so it's going to be a big deal for her. We're doing a cutesy photo thing with the kids and an u/s pic. He's obsessed over how he wants to do it, it's really sweet.
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Hehe, amandabee, I thought about doing an announcement on April 1st for that same reason, because it would leave people wondering if it was a joke.


There's an older thread about funny Facebook announcements and I always liked: so-and-so has the Egyptian flu. It's word play: you're going to be a mummy. I'm tempted to use it since it's kinda cryptic and I'm curious to see which one of my friends would figure it out first.

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dakipode...we share the same dark sense of humour... biglaugh.gif

the egyptian flu post would also be quite hilarious!

i am now going to look for the old FB thread announcements.

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thanks for the link dakipode!!!ROTFLMAO.gif


(name) is spawning  (is my absolute favourite FB announcement so far...lol)


****i keep editing this as i read through the old comments...lol...(which i have done sporadically throughout the afternoon)


my other favs:

(name) is gestating.

(name) is growing a penis. (absolutely hilarious!) or (name) is growing another vagina (is it just me or does this sound kinda creepy?)

(name) is tickled pink.

(name) is expecting the unexpected.

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Told my boys!!!! Well, I told my boys and the oldest sons gf. They laughed and said we figured that! They are 18, 16 and 13. My oldest was fine. The girlfriend was awesome. My second son was okay at first and then cried to me later that he is scared and not sure why. My third son is sad and I knew he would be, he is my baby :( They are all afraid of their father and his wife being a big jerk about the whole thing. Unfortunately they are the kind of people that will make fun of me and my circumstances in front of and to my children. Hence, why we are divorced. All in all they need time to adjust and I have done my best to assure them that this baby will be an addition to our family and Grandmom will help with finances so we will be fine. Next announcement, my Dad.
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Sorry your ex is being a d-bag in front of your kids, naturallyme. (I am a law student and am spending time in family court these days, so there is quite a lot of that behavior.) Glad you are taking the high road.

Anyway, I am sure you will figure it all out. You sound like you're being realistic and reasonable, which is great. Good luck to you.
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I only had Facebook with my youngest, I went with: "My eggo is preggo."
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Told my parents last night...  they didn't have much to say.  It went better than expected.  I was prepared for a bunch of negative comments but they surprised me.  They had their suspicions because DD just loves to share any information she has and doesn't quite have keeping secrets down pat yet....


We also did our Facebook announcement.   This was how I told my parents as well, we came over for chinese take out and I swapped out the cookies from the restaurant with these.


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We're still not saying anything until Easter. I was out with my inlaws this weekend doing wedding planning stuff and my future sister in law is pregnant and I had to hold myself SO MUCH back from commenting "me too!" or "my morning sickness was somewhat different" and jumping into the conversation.

I think they suspect and/or "know" but they all refrained from asking me which was pretty awesome.

The weekend confirmed that although I really really want to tell people about it, I don't want to yet. I am enjoying that me and my fiance are the only ones who know right now.

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I told my work yesterday. It went well but I was super nervous. Got congratulations and hugs. The owner and manager seem super excited. I'm not a huge "sharer" so I don't know when or how I'll facebook announce.
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