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PUH - OMG OMG OMG!!!!! I'm so excited for you! This process is such a roller coaster ride. First you're waiting and waiting, then you're finding another agency, now you're going to have a kiddo placed with you at any time. Can you explain how the call worked? Did your case worker call you and read the file or was the call from the kid's social worker?


Deborah - How exciting for you. It sounds like you'll be making a big decision today.

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Our case worker called, DH answered, we have our home phone set up to ring for 15 sec then forward automatically to his cell.  She didn't have many details about the case and when we said we were interested she was going to go and find out more. It fell through pretty quickly so we never did find out more details.    The second case, we had quite a bit more information - there was an infant and a 3 (almost 4) year old siblings already in foster care and they were looking for a way to place them together.   I am signed up to accept two but I don't feel prepared to take a 4 year old right now.   If they had made this call in the summer, I would have felt better about it.  We have a list of questions that we should ask when a caseworker calls but neither of us had that list with us.  I think I will keep a copy in my purse.  We did not get any calls yesterday and no calls yet today either.

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Yes, we will be. I am waiting for DH to pick me up right now. He should be here in a few minutes.
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PUH - So exhilirating! Thanks so much for sharing. I'll probably pass out when I get the call lol. Don't worry about getting calls. When my mom did care we would get calls everyday for 10 days or so then nothing for 3 days, etc. You;ll get another call fairly soon. Where'd you get the list of questions to ask? Would you post them, if you're comfortable.


Deborah - Hurry up and go the meeting so you can update us! Lol. I hope the meeting turns out even better than you're expecting.

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I had the same thought as NewbianMama, Deborah, let's hear how your meeting went! lurk.gif


NewbianMama, I will post the list of questions, I have to scan it first.  

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Thanks for doing that, PUH.


AFM - I finally heard back from my social worker and my homestudy is approved!!! I go in to sign it tomorrow and then I can look at the book of waiting children. I'm so very excited! I actually saw a sibling set on a local website and I want to get more information about them. I'll have to remind my social worker of that tomorrow so she can submit my home study. Yay!

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Sorry- My life is crazy! I had to take a final exam after my meeting and then I was taping for Channel 8 (our local public access channel where I am a member-producer). I just got home. We will not be going with LFS (I am not really surprised), but going to the meeting was worth it. DH said that after the meeting he was much more comfortable with adopting. He had some typical fatherhood concerns and I guess several of them were quelled in the meeting. Looks like we will most likely go with Adoption Options!

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Wow you're busy! I hope you did great on your final.
What happened at LFS to dissuade you and your husband from using them? Was it an issue with your mom?
I'm very glad you have an alternatvie already lined up and I remember you said said you liked AO as much as LFS.

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No, my mom had nothing to do with it. It was the spiritual requirements. I had been concerned about that anyway. The bigger issue for me was that they don't do any outreach and can only work within Colorado which significantly narrows our match possibilities. I don't feel like I did great on my final, but luckily I didn't have to do great to get the grade I need.

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I couldn't post an attachment.   But I googled the form (most CA forms are online) and found it.  So here is the link:


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Deborah - Those all sound like reasons to go with a different agency. When are you able to meet with Adoption Options?


PUH - Thank you so much. I'm going to keep a copy on me at all times :) That is the good thing about CA, that most forms are available online, it's just a matter of finding it. Any new calls yet? I don't know how you're able to work. I'm on pins and needles today!


Queen Jane - Any updates from your social worker yet?


How's everyone doing? For the parents who have already adopted, what was the first meeting like with your new (potential) child? I am scared to death!

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I have talked to them on the phone and, if we want to go, there is an informational meeting in a couple weeks.The agency said it is not required.
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Do you think you'll go or do you feel like your on "information meeting" overload? 

I went into my agency yesterday and looked at the binders of waiting children. It was emotionally taxing and a bit scary. I chose a couple of kids to inquire about but none felt like "my kid". I felt guilty passing up on most of the kids. I also went to listen to a panel of adoptive parents speak about their experience with the system and parenting their kids. It was interesting but I felt that most of it didn't apply to me. 


Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!

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I think it will depend on Ian. I feel like I have the information I need, but I'm not sure that he feels the same way.

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I think it will depend on Ian. I feel like I have the information I need, but I'm not sure that he feels the same way.

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I had a last visit with the foster licensing worker (who had to come by to make sure i'd actually put up the crib, which i find annoying, but whatever. They'd better damn well send me a baby if i have to have a crib set up!) She is just waiting for my oldest to send her via email the questionaire she sent him, he's off at college. 


She said that i should probably get my foster license in a week or two after she sends it off to the state (and im hoping she does that on monday) Its weird thinking i might have a placement in the next few weeks! I havent heard a peep from my adoption worker so i guess after im licensed i'll shoot her an email to touch base. I havent seen any more kids in MARE that im interested in. There's a six yr old girl listed as "mild" but i suspect if she's that young, and a girl, there has to be some issues. 

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Hi, I'm new here. We are JUST starting this process. We are hoping to domestically adopt an infant here in Oregon. Still deciding on an agency at this point. We are hoping to actually apply and start the whole process after we get home from our road trip at the end of June. We aren't in a giant hurry, but we do want to raise another infant, and don't want the age gap between our 2.5 year old biological son and our next child to be too huge. Frankly I'll just be happy to raise another baby, whenever it happens! I'm sure once we are in the thick of things (Late summer and fall I'm guessing) I'll be posting more. But right now I just have 10 million home study questions, I guess the biggest is if our non-traditional income and my husbands spotty job history are going to hurt us?


I came into a trust when I was 18, and most of that money is invested in stocks and makes up the majority of our income. We are blessed enough that I can stay home full time and my husband has had various part time jobs as well as working on his music (that doesn't bring in much income). We had trouble getting a mortgage because of our non-traditional income (but did get one) and I'm worried that will be a big set-back on our home study. I know many agencies like to see job security, and neither of us has a full time job, but I do have the income of a full time job. Does anyone have experience with that or any advice to give? 

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Based on what I've read for domestic, it does work similarly to a mortgage in that they want more assets to liabilities. I am unsure about the non-traditional income, but I think that your ability to stay home will impress many expectant parents. We are also just beginning the process, but hoping to fill out an application sooner than June.

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I know many of you like to see my furbaby. Peaches, my diva doggy, got a massage today. Here is a picture:



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Someone on another adoption board shared this cute video, so I thought I'd share it here too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADuSnt6PFn8&playnext=1&list=PLE84C99EA33B87618

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