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Deborah - Good luck with hubby's business!   Hope to see you back on the adoption path soon.


Queenjane - Why is there a 5 day limit on the adoptive family for the two girls?  Is it because they are adopt only and not foster?  


Piratemere - Here, it seems, permanency always takes precedence over sibling contact especially at her stage of the game.  I will keep fingers and toes crossed for your next court hearing.   


Yes, they arent foster licensed therefore the kids can only be out of the foster home for five days at a time. 

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How do you ladies keep up your spirits while waiting for a match? It's been over 8 months since we started the adoption process and though I know in my mind that it is a short time in the grand scheme of the adoption journey but in my heart it feels like an eternity. Especially with the holidays fast approaching I just find myself getting a bit depressed when I think of the babies we lost and of the baby I fear we will never have. What keeps you ladies going in the long days, weeks and month between contact with your agencies? We've only had our profile shown once since getting our homestudy approved and if feels like our agency has simply forgotten about us. guilty.gif

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Dornmama - Last Thanksgiving and Christmas were the worst for me.   Everyone kept telling me to keep busy.   I "kept busy" by reading every adoption and foster care blog/book I could find.    This just made it worse, I think, in retrospect.   My mom suggested I make a quilt for the future baby.   I had time to make TWO. ( I do get plenty of use out of both with our pukey FS.)   I also made an Amazon wishlist that was full of baby stuff that I wanted/needed in case I got a call that gave us little to no notice.    I also would go and "shop" on old navy's website and put a bunch of stuff in my cart that I would want baby to wear.  So, all-in-all I just spent months pretending like there would be a baby on his/her way to me at any moment.   Last year at this time, I got my first call but we weren't approved yet and there was nothing we could do to rush it.  This is all terrible advice for "keeping your spirits up".   I think the standard advice is to appreciate what you have: the quiet time, the sleep, the extra time you can spend with your partner, etc.   My advice is:  Give yourself time to dwell in your misery.   And then go to the spa.  

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I do different things. Sometimes I nest, and buy and look at baby stuff till I am sick of it, and then other times I start projects to keep myself busy, and make non adoption related goals so I have something to look forward to. Our profile didnt get looked at once for the first 5 months, and then we have had 1 or 2 moms a month since then look at it, minus a couple months. Having lots of moms overlook you also makes you wonder what it is they dont find desirable. So there is that side of the coin too. Its a huge leap of faith, and I trust that it will happen how its supposed to happen. When we get our match I will know that baby was worth waiting for, and I would not have wanted it to work out any other way. 

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Hi all,  

I've been on edge for the last few months, waiting for a court date to terminate post PGO parental access so that our adoption could proceed. This afternoon the hearing took place, and the parents actually consented!  That means that in January we can take our little girl home!!!  I can't share yet with many, but knew that a few of you would understand the unspeakable joy!

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Congrats Piratemere!!!

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Hi everyone


It seems that hubby has changed his mind (for the most part) and he has been applying to jobs at game companies. I think he has a really great shot at one of them and it would be near family which would be nice. We also got a call from the bank yesterday asking us if we wanted to refinance (we're not going to at this time given our unstable situation), however we did find out hubby's credit is amazing so we would not have to worry about housing at all. That is a big weight off my shoulder. Hope everyone is well.



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Great news Deborah!!!!! I hope everything works out as you want it. 

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Deborah, If your DH lands a job, will you guys be back in the adoption process?

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I think so, yes. I imagine we'll wait a few months to make sure we are content in the area and that the job is going well. He was asked for a Skype interview for his dream job! Please cross everything for us. Thanks for reminding me to check out Minnesota adoption agencies.

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So we had someone come out to our house before the holidays to see the house.  It seemed like all will be fine to start the classes in May.  She said she will let us know after the holidays once she talks to her supervisor.  The classes are in May because we want weekend times.  After the classes (a few weekends) we would be waiting for a call.  We are hoping to adopt 1 or 2 boys (siblings) 6 or under.  I don't mind waiting for now.  We just moved in the end of Nov. so we are still settling in.

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I started a new thread for the new year. 

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Last big news of the year - 12/31 was the one-year anniversary of my son's adoption. I can't thank all of you enough for your help and support during our fostering journey!


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