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Calling all Springfield, IL mamas

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Hi Ladies!

I am new to the area. My husband and I just found out that we are expecting! Based on my ovulation date I am due some time in mid Sept.

I would prefer a wonderful midwife and doula. I would love to try and have a home birth again but I have not been hearing positive things about home birth and IL. So if midwives are out of the question and any of you ladies have an OB you absolutely love please point me in the right direction!

I am open to all comments and suggestions having to do with all things Springfield and the surrounding areas.

Also, I need a good pedi for my 18 month old son.

I would love to hear from you mamas smile.gif please help me out!
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We are moving to Springfield in a couple of days, so I will be following!! I am also looking for a good peds doc for my 18 month son.

I am a lactation consultant and I'm almost done with my la leche league leadership accreditation and hope to be picking up the local group. I would like to know the local area's support with lactation services.

Good luck finding a midwife! I am hoping to learn some good OB docs and midwives for our next little one and to network with. :-)
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If you're on facebook, try connecting with the Illinois Friends of Midwives group.  It's private, so you'll have to ask to join, but you may be able to connect with some like-minded families in your area to see what resources are available.



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Welcome to Springfield DaisyMay, and thanks Carrie! I'm not on Facebook though. I wish I had some good news for you DaisyMay but I'm not having any luck finding a Ped. I found one midwife but the practice would not even let me speak to her since I had to have a C-section with my son. They were adamant about me seeing an OB. I feel very frustrated and worried that I may be forced into having another C-Section and that scares me. I really want to try for a VBAC with this pregnancy. Still hoping for some shared contacts on here. Fingers crossed!
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I live in Springfield.  I had my last planned unassisted but can most likely find you a midwife.  It works like this.  I send along your contact info into a private group.  Midwife (midwives?) contact you.  It's all hush hush, which is bullshit, but I can't help that.  I've been helping out like this for almost 2 year and can honestly say I don't know for a fact that I know a single midwife.  


Dr. Gildner is good as far as OBs go.  He knew I was planning a home birth but not the UC part.


Dr. Sandercock is an awesome family doc (internal medicine and pediatrics).  I can't recommend him enough.  I'm pretty far off the grid with what we do ;) and he doesn't bat an eye.  When he found out about the UC his only question was about the logistics of having a baby w/o a breakaway bed or birthing stool!!

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To add, Dr. Gildner will use a fetoscope if you ask.  He only kinda pushes for an u/s.  As in he offered each time and let me know the offer was already there but didn't harass me about it.

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Crud.  And Dr. Sandercock is totally cool with no vax, bed sharing, home birthing, extended breastfeeding.  All that jazz.

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B2manatees this response to your posts is so late! I had almost given up on anyone reaching out with information on ped's and midwives in Springfield. I decided to come on and check out the recent posts just to see what other moms were talking about but I did not expect to see anymore posts on this thread as it had been awhile. I can not thank you enough for sharing!! I will definitely look into the ped and OB you suggested. I have not yet found my now 20 month old a ped here in Springfield and I feel such a relief at seeing a light at the end of that tunnel. Again, many thanks to you for sharing.
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