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Nighttime snacks

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We have a 1 year old who wakes every couple of hours.  She sleeps most of the night in her bed (on a mattress on the floor, beside our bed, on the floor).  When she wakes, her father reaches over and lets her eat about a 1/2 a plum/happy tots fruit pack. After which, she promptly flops back on her bed and sleeps.  If I take her to my side of the bed to nurse, she just sips and pops off, sips and pops off, all the while tossing and turning (acrobatics) not really eating much and keeping us both awake. 


My questions are: 1. Are her (2) teeth going to rot from eating fruit in the middle of the night? 2. Why is the fruit pack more satisfying than breast milk? 3. Why is she hungry in the middle of the night - what can I feed her before she sleeps that will 'stick to her ribs'?



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My kids both had horrible decay with no eating through the night.  I kinda think that either their teeth are strong and healthy or they're not.  My kids both did a ton of nursing during the night/early morning and I suspect that they were sleeping with milk pooled in their mouths.  But I think a lot of kids do that and they don't all end up with decay.  I doubt that would happen with the fruit if she sits up and has some and then lies back down.  


As for something to eat before bed, I'd try something like cheese or full fat yogurt or a handful of nuts.  My kids both loved kalamata olives at that age and their usual bedtime snack was a half dozen or so of them, which may have enough fat to make them feel fullish, not sure.  Maybe avocado?

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Perhaps she's not hungry at night, but the snacks have become a habit and/or a ritual for her. In any case, I don't think it's safe or healthy for her to be eating fruit at night. It's not good for her teeth and she could choke. Maybe a sippy cup of water would satisfy her when she wakes. Sometimes we want to eat but we're actually thirsty, not hungry.

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Yes, eating fruit at night after brushing teeth will probably contribute to tooth decay. Some kids are more prone to it than others, so she could be fine or it could rot her teeth. 


High protein snacks before bed could be things like Greek yogurt, apple slices with cheddar cheese, rolled up lunchmeat, etc.

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