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References welcome :)

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Hi everyone. I'm located in SE Michigan. Basically, I am looking for a birth attendant/midwife who would agree to do 2 to 3 basic prenatal exams, a basic postpartum exam, and to either be on-call nearby or be at my home but not in the same room with me during a birth.


My husband and I are really leaning toward a UC. We lost our first child in 2009, but elected to have an unassisted miscarriage at home. That was a spontaneous decision, spurred on by different factors, but he and I have NEVER regretted it. In fact, he is the only person I ever would've wanted with me, and the experience really brought us closer together.


I would really appreciate any references/suggestions that anyone out there might have. I want someone who is VERY hands-off and non-interventive. In short, someone who would agree to be there just in case of a complication or emergency.


Also, my husband and I are planning on doing a lot of the prenatal care (urine checks for sugar/protein, blood pressure readings, fundal height measurements, etc.) ourselves.


Thanks in advance.

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Where in SE Michigan are you located?
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Hi, conniebonnie. I am located in the metro detroit area.


I have to say that I really like your user name as my mom's name is Bonnie.  smile.gif

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I would contact Nicole White.
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