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Leafylady- lol, she can rock herself? That must be fun to watch! Everett does this amazing back arch and flips himself out of the chair which is not nearly so darling as rocking himself wink1.gif
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Allison is attempting the back arch thing but hasn't succeeded yet.  I prefer the rocking!

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So cute!! I'm loving these babes! Ana started this obnoxious yet hysterical fake cry last night. Like she's gagging and crying at the same time. Then she laughs and ends up coughing she does it do much. Lol I tried to stop laughing and saying No because she started doing it just to get attention and get own way! Oh no girl! Oh no, were not gonna play that game! Lol. It was pretty funny though.
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Woohoo just figured out how to upload from a mobile device! Here's my chunky monkey. I think we're hitting a growth spurt cuz he has been a super grouch all of a sudden :-/

Yikes to the flipping out of chairs! Eddie just tries to sit up in his.

Holy cow, fake crying already? I sense a future Oscar winner in our midst smile.gif

Loving all the babies!
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Tm0Sweet- Look at that double chin!! Love his chub!!!





E has the serious, long face look perfected :) He came out looking like a litte old man!





My view when he looks up from nursing in the ring sling. When he smiles his face turns much rounder :)




Cuddling with my boys early one morning. On the comfortable kitchen floor? Not sure how that happened ;)

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So cute, and you look good, Sere!

Ana's latest discovery is peek-a-boo. She takes her dress or a book, the other day she pulled her spare pants off of the crib and uses that, to pay. She is also cheering her bottom lip and giving adorable smiles like that. Everything goes in her mouth, and she's only still when she's asleep. It's no wonder her weight gain has slowed. At 18 weeks, she is a hair over 24" and 13 lbs even. She's been extra fussy and daddy is working second shift for a few months plus super busy here. I'm starting to feel like a single mother. The belly laughs she's starting, the way she explores my face with her hands, then pulls in for a big kiss... which she ends with a slobbery lick...make it worth it. She's growing so fast!
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I love looking at all the pictures of these adorable little cherubs! 


Babychak, I know just what you mean about having a small baby.  My last baby was premature (is now 3.5) and has only managed to climb onto the bottom of the growth charts, LOL (in 1%).  But she's always been very healthy and meeting her milestones, though she didn't walk until 15 months and got her first tooth at 13 months.  I always said that was fine by me, I got to enjoy my baby longer. winky.gif  Especially since, back then, I wasn't sure if she was going to be my last...


wantabeanbrat, I stillheart.gif that pic of your little boy snuggled on your chest!  He looks so content.  I love having a baby sleep on my chest like that, probably better than anything else.  Unfortunately, my babies only really like to do that for the first few of months after birth.  Kaelan will only sleep on my chest now if he is snuggled up in the carrier on my chest.


Like several others have posted, I drop into the forum more frequently than I post. Unfortunately, it's not easy to type a response and I often have to give up half way through, even when I try.  So, I read more than I post. 

Kaelan was four months old last Friday.  I can hardly believe it.  The time flies by faster with each baby.  It all feels like the blink of an eye. It feels like only yesterday that I was still pregnant, the birth still a long wait off, and I was wondering what it would feel like to add another child to our family when we had thought we were done.  I haven't even had time to process his birth and the fact that he's now here with us and already, he's four months old, giggling, cooing, grinning, "talking", grabbing at his toys, our clothes and faces....  It's all so bittersweet.  Where did the newborn time go????   I love watching my children grow, it's so exciting, but it's a bit sad, in a way, too.  I keep telling Kaelan to slow down and let me enjoy this more but trying to slow him down is like trying to hold water in your hands.

Here is his 4 month pic from last Friday (he has hair but you can't see it in the pic) .  As of four months, he weighs 14 lbs. 10 oz. and is nearly 25 inches long. I know by the standards of many, he's not particularly big, but for us, he's huge, LOL.  He was born just shy of 8 lbs., nearly a pound heavier than my second largest baby and nearly 3 pounds larger than my two smallest.  He's a lovely, happy, chubby little bundle of joy and I am happier since he's been born than I've been in a very long time. All the apathy of my pregnancy has vanished and, in spite of what I experienced as a very traumatic and disappointing birth, I feel like I've been on a high ever since he's been born! 

Four month picture


Three months, after his bath


Our favourite spot




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Guen, Kaelan is beautiful!! And I smiled at your words, I'm so glad you are feeling so happy! What a marvelous world it is to have a baby :)

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how adorable :) !!!! I love looking at these baby pictures....brings a smile on my face everytime I come on this page. so cute!

Although not Irish we celebrated St. Patty's day this yr with Rushil sporting a cute lil green moustache! Who cares Irish or not....he is still mommy's lil lucky charm joy.gif





At 3 months old



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Can you for from cuteness, because this thread makes me feel it coming. Haha, Guen, he's big compared to Ana. She was just over 6 at birth and was exactly 13 lbs at her 18 week weight check, 24" at 4 months. Everyone calls her fast. Lol She does have some squishy rolls, but she's really petite.
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Everett and I are in Baltimore visiting my younger sister who lives here. I was going to roadtrip it with my mom and sis but ended up buying a plane ticket so E wouldn't scream the whole way in his carseat. Instead he nursed and slept the whole flight wink1.gif i got here in 4 hours instead if 10 driving hours. Tiny Boy has been doing well considering we're interrupting all his naps to sightsee and eat at awesome restaurants wink1.gif Right now he's sleeping in my arms and has been snoozing for about 3 hours. He'll probably sleep until 7-8 tomorrow morning, of course wanting to eat every few hours! My mom happily held him earlier (though I had to swaddle him to get him to stay asleep away from me!) and I took a hot bubble bath. Then I ate a whole meal without him too!! Ahh smile.gif

Also- my shoulders are sore from carrying 18 pounds of baby in the Ergo for hours and hours!

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Everett looks so adorable and I love what he is wearing :)

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Oh that picture of Everett is way too cute and I love that shirt!
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Wow, Everett and all the other babies are super-cute! Holy attack of cuteness, Batman! Luthien is doing wonderfully at 16 weeks. She has just spoken her first words of Cat Language, "brr't" (their trilling greeting--she imitates them perfectly) and a sound that approximates a purr. Our cats love her and often settle next to her in bed, purring to her, so she's attached to them. She also likes testing her lung power in the early morning while nursing (this is her favorite time of day) by releasing happy squeals of incredible loudness; talk about making a joyful noise! Her arms and legs are now long (she had been mostly torso when she was born), and she's gotten dextrous at handling her little hollow ball, to the degree that she can actually entertain herself briefly when we need to put her down on her mat in our office (such as while typing a patient's chart). Most of the time, she's in our arms or on our laps. Here she is in her crab sleeper! You can see where she drooled. I doubt she's getting a tooth right away (I hope not), but she certainly has increased her drool quotient. 

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Move over, Gerber Baby, Ana Lore's in town.


In her Bumbo, having fun with an old "First Book" of mine. :)

She is SO drooly these days but it's really cute. She's been

chewing her lips a lot too, but that's hard to get a cute picture of.



Mommy and Ana outside to see the dogs.

Hey look, a bird in the background. Lol


Fluffy "Night Night Diaper". The Kawaii work so wonderful for

her at night. They fit perfectly on those rolls.




One of the other babies we have right now. Saturday they'll be

3 weeks old, they're German Shepherds. 6 girls, 1 boy. There

were two boys, but the Mama lay on one and smothered it. Dumb


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20 weeks ago right now, I was just getting to the hard part. How time flies! She's making her "I love you" sounds again. She was copying that for weeks in January. Voice inflection, I think. Last week she started saying it again, only this time she'll say it first, over and over and over till I notice it. I say I love you to get and she just beams! So stinking cute!!!!

I'm also guessing she's going to roll over this week. Last week she got good at grabbing her feet. Now she's so (extra) wiggly. She would have done it tonight. She was playing, with her naked butt airing out so she had a lot of wiggle room. She loves those times. Anyway, she was reaching for a toy above and behind her. She was SO CLOSE but by this time she'd wiggled to where her feet caught on the crib or she'd gone for sure. Drat! She's rolled about three times either when she was in her side and my body had a dip in the mattress or flipping off a pillow. Those don't quite count. smile.gif
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Such. Cute. Babies!!  I just love this thread, LOL.  But then, I've always been baby-obsessed and it's only gotten worse with age... joy.gif


Kaelan rolled over from tummy to back for the first (and second and third!) time last week while we were in Paris.  Little turkey did it twice while I wasn't looking. DH saw it.  I was lying right next to him!  In my defense, we'd been in the car for hours driving across France and I'd ridden in the back the whole way to keep the little guy happy.  I was exhausted!

I hope you don't mind my posting a few more piccies after posting some so recently, but I just couldn't resist.  The first was in an overcrowded little cafe near the Notre Dame and the other is of my baby bunny in the bunny beanie I crocheted him last week. And the last is my whole crew on Easter Sunday.





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What a beautiful family, Guen, and Kaelan looks adorable in that delightful bunny hat! I admire fiber artists; I'm a woodworking type, but my only knitting project was a disaster (a super-long scarf I made for my Dad, who kindly wore the monstrosity).
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Oh my gosh guen, he has the best smile ever!!! So cute
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Oh how cute! I love that hat too! I made an Elf-Style Santa hat and a Pumpkin hat for Ana before she was born. Elijah though it was stupid... Until she was born. I found him trying to put them on her one day. Lol
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