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Tetanus vaccine dilemma

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I have a 2 and 4 year old who are unvaxed at this point. The only vaccine that has always made me uneasy that they don't have is the tetanus. But ds1 had sensory issues at 3 weeks old and ds2 has mild seizures. So .. I delayed them. Ds1 just recently turned 4 which was what I was waiting for.
The dilemma is this, we recently got a puppy and although we are training her and they are never left unsupervised with the puppy , she jumped up and scratched ds2's face with her claw (not to be mean ds2 was holding food) of course this is not acceptable but in the meantime until she is trained it freaked me out that he would get tetanus from this minor scratch/scrape. How concerned would you all be? It bleed a tiny bit I cleaned it and put ointment on it. This happened on Thursday .

And now the even harder dilemma. Ds1 has his 4 year old well check Wednesday and I want to get his tetanus /dtap. Well Apparently our drs office can't even get daptacel right now bc of a shortage!! She said they haven't been able to get it since last sept!! And I was going to do both kids since the dog + dog feces and kids freaks me out. All they have is infanrix which I don't want. I am in NC.. Does anyone have any advice on how I can get it?
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Well, I'll start with the good news. There won't be any tetanus coming from those puppy scratches. The tetanus bacterium lives in dirt and can only survive in an anaerobic (non-oxygenated) environment. The tetanus-prone wounds are non-bleeding and usually deep punctures. First aid for that wound requires a trip to the ER within 72 hours, (the minimum time for infection to set in), and the administration of TiG, or tetanus immunoglobulin, and NOT the vaccine itself. From what I've been researching, even in the unvaccinated, tetanus is hard to acquire and easy to prevent after acquiring the wound. But the mommy in me knows what a nasty disease it is, and we vax for it. innocent.gif

The bad news is that I was once in your shoes and never did track down that Deptacel. You can start by calling around to various pharmacies, as well as your health department.

Oh, and welcome to MDC. Remember always to google around to make sure you're getting accurate info on MDC posts...yes, including my own winky.gif
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Well the good news is I found it at two other drs offices. The bad news is our current ped
Said I can't go back to her office if I get it there. Wth?! She can't get it in. It made me really pissed off to say the least as I know
For a fact she prefers that brand as well. I called pharmacies etc they all say their wholesaler is out. I called sanofi and they said since the shortage it's on allocation so drs have to get it directly from them. I don't know why my Peds office seems to be so lazy about it.
Clearly it's attainable ...
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So now I'm in a dilemma as the only office id switch to permanently that has it is 45 min away from where we live.
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