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No problems with other people.  We have mostly stopped nursing in public because DS is too big.  Meaning half of his body ends up on the table at restaurants, or in the lap of the person next to us on airplanes, etc.  He is 3yo and we still nurse where we can be comfy (at our house or friends' houses) if he asks, and if there is emergency comforting that needs to take place (a fall at the playground or accident of whatever kind).


We never covered for other people.  I have covered to keep my boob and his tiny face from getting sunburned though!


Nurse on mamas!

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I've nursed in public many times, in a carrier or wherever. My MIL made some bib-type covers for me to use but I rarely do. I was self conscious at first, now I don't care. 

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I've loved reading these posts!

I must say, a mom being asked to nurse her 3 y.o. is something I never expected to hear about!! Though it's great that the flight attendant is supportive of nursing beyond the first year!!
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my lo is 13 months old and still nurses happily in public.  i've nursed all around in restaurants/shops , in line at the grocery store, etc in fairfield county, CT and NYC w/o an issue, ever.  best of luck!

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I had more problem with family  in my own home then in public.  I just said leave the room if at my house or went into a bedroom if at grandparents.  ESP's Bubbe and Zayde (Jewish for grandparents) were both in their late 70s/early 80s and from a very different generation.  They did not understand BFing at all,but could not argue against ESP's thriving growth.


In public, I used the bebe au lait style cover up that has a firm, arced top so I could still see ESP and he could see me.  He actually liked the cover up because it helped him focus, so I ended up using it at home a lot also.  The first time was awkward because I didn't know what I was doing or the best way to cover up.  I really wanted to cover up for my own comfort.  With a ring sling or ERGO no one ever noticed.


He nursed until almost 5, though probably last NIP was at 3.  I would have nursed him longer but with his special needs he could not understand not to bite me when he went through a biting phaze.  I hated giving up such an awesome calming tool for a child that could not talk and was developmentall only 1 1/2. BFing also came in handy when he was sick and the only thing he could keep down was breast milk.  It actually kept him out of the hospital because he never got dehydrated.  But I digress.

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NEVER an issue in public. I nursed my oldest from 12/93 to 11/95, and I did it all over the mall, in restaurants, in the library, and in bookstores. People were usually very friendly, and a few times, men blushed and turned away when they realized what was going on. My youngest I've nursed since 5/2009 to the present, and never did anyone give me grief (TBH, my adrenal issues caused my breasts to grow so large after I had him, that I didn't NIP a whole lot when he was little). He is so big now, though, that he only nurses at nap time and bed time. My XMIL did say a few times way back then that I needed to "get over nursing" my oldest, whatever that meanseyesroll.gif, but that was in the privacy of my own home. LOL. 


Oh! With both boys, I never used a cover to NIP, but wore a tank underneath to pull down, and pulled my top shirt up to nurse. Nothing shows that way, and it's still pretty easy. I know for a fact that a woman nursing her baby in the exact same way was bullied and humiliated before being kicked out of a local restaurant by the owner (here in Tallahassee). The owner kept saying CRAZY things about how people in Pittsburgh don't flop their breast out in public, and she carried on for days after the incident, to customers. My neighbor sent the owner a FB message telling her to fly back to Pittsburgh on her broom. And there is some justice in the world, because that fruit loop got shut down shortly after for labor violations and tax fraud. In any case, those NIP harassment stories should never be enough to keep someone from nursing, because they are actually few and far between, and there are usually other mothers around to stick up for the nursing mom when those things do happen. I personally would NEVER stand idly by while someone was harassed in such a manner. 

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Another mommy here with zero problems/issues/negativity in public. Occasional and accidental looks of surprise--sure. However, the vast majority of folks REALLY never notice anything past the ends of their noses, kwim? Even in the mainstream, midwest area I live in, most people are very accepting of all styles of parenting (or at least keep their negative opinions to themselves, lol!). We're a "polite" people, I guess.

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I nursed both my children on demand, wherever we were.  I carried a nursing cover but if I had the opportunity, I would look for a quieter place.  If not, I did not make my babies wait.  I never had a true problem in public and was glad that I could be an example that breastfeeding is a wonderful natural way to feed and bond with our children.

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I never had a problem either and I was ready for someone to make an issue of it! 

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Never had a problem.  Nursed all 5 children anywhere and everywhere.  My oldest is almost 20 and my youngest is two and still going strong. 

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Until recently I lived in Portland, Oregon and never had an issue. I never hesitated even when we traveled. I'll admit I'm more hesitant these days. NO ONE breastfeeds in public here best I can tell. It's so weird. Just bottles, as far as you can see. The laws protecting mom's aren't as good here either and I guess I just don't feel like getting into it (it's likely I wouldn't have an issue but who knows). Not to say I don't, but I'm more likely to go out to the car. In the past I'd pop myself down on a pallet in the middle of Costco ;) I always had the attitude (and probably look on my face) that I dare anyone to say anything. Granted my babe is getting older and isn't desperately hungry or anything these days. Very different from the newborn stage where I just needed to feed them that very minute so I feel like I have some flexibility.


ETA: I'll admit a part of me has previously not understood why anyone was all that uncomfortable doing it but living here I feel more sympathy. There's just something about the culture here.

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Never had a negative reaction in public except once and it was my brother in law- we were at a restaurant and he looked over while I was nursing my then 8-mo, and very loudly goes, "Whoa! You gotta warn me before you do that!" which was pretty ridiculous considering around my in laws I nurse without a single millimeter of my breast showing (all that's out is blocked by baby/toddler head) and his wife dresses in very low-cut cleavage enhancing clothes and mini skirts (not judging at all, she's beautiful and a lovely person and her clothing choices are her own!) but yeah- most of my inlaws act like its indecent. But other than that, no one in public has ever even given me a negative look that I've seen- even when nursing at a public pool with my entire breast pulled out of my swimsuit.
My son is currently 17 mos, still nurses a TON and we are out and about a lot. Still no negativity. A few compliments here and there though.
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Still nursing my 2.5 year old in public. I have never used a cover and I have never had a problem. We have nursed on airplanes, buses, and trains, in museums and restaurants and shops, in the northeast, southeast, and midwest, and the only comments I have received from strangers have been positive. I think I am usually fairly discreet, as I wear nursing clothes and don't get out a cover, so many people often think my babe is just sleeping.  People who have personal experience with BFing seem to be the ones who notice, and they're more likely to be supportive.  The elderly people at church and at the Indiana grocery store I used to frequent were often delighted and would say things like, "oh, how precious. I had 7 little nurslings myself."  And so many people have stopped me to ask where to find a sling like mine for their granddaughter/sister-in-law/bff, etc.

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I just saw this thread when I came onto MDC to post this article.  You guys might want to chime in and support this columnist on Huffington Post.  I appreicate her putting this info out there so succinctly. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/katharine-mckinney/breastfeeding-in-public_b_2814004.html

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I have been nursing my daughter for two years and have never had anyone say anything negative while nursing in public. I have only been approached twice, once the other mama telling me to keep up the good work and the other was a mama asking advice on feeding in a soft structured carrier smile.gif
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The only problems I ever had were 110% in my own head. I never expected to feel so self conscious! For the first few months I struggled desperately trying to keep all covered up while DS nursed. Then I realized that by draping a big ol' cover over me, causing DS to struggle and get upset because he HATED being covered up, made much more of a spectacle than my just wearing easy-access tops and using baby's body as a "cover". Usually people can't even tell he's nursing. Nobody's ever batted an eye, even seatmates on planes!

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I breast feed in public A LOT.  My first and now my 8 month old.  Never had a rude comment or look, only smiles.  =)  

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I've never had a problem and I have a fifteen yr old and 6, 5, 3, and 7 month old. I think my husband gets a little uncomfortable when I do it in church but I am very discreet and use a blanket too keep baby from being distracted, she is very social.

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I BF all of my kids, no problems. BTW, has anyone seen the Luvs diaper's commercial about breastfeeding comparing 1st children and 2nd children. It is hilarious and so true in my case.

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I nursed my daughter for three years, and never had any comments (except once when I was using a cover in a crowded public park, someone told me not to cover up!)  I nursed in public many times, but rarely after my daughter was 2.  I nursed in semi-intimate spaces like on long airplane flights, uncovered, and no one ever said anything negative.  I did get some positive comments!

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