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I've only been nursing 15 months, but I NIP all the time, with no cover (I do use nursing camis under shirts most of the time). Never a problem, never even a weird look. I live in the Midwest but have nursed on both coasts and in the North and south as well, in planes, trains, and boats, at Major League baseball games, in malls, at the zoo... you name it. smile.gif
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Ive never had a problem and have been breastfeeding for 3 years total between my two kids so far. I go to restaurants, travel, ball games, weddings, farmers market, cities, parks, etc. 


I'd say that I breastfeed my second in the Ergo about 75% time out of the house just for convenience so nobody ever notices. 

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My daughter is 15 months old, and now we're down to only morning and night feedings at home, but I fed her all the time, and anywhere she needed it, until recently. I may have had a few funny looks, but never once was I approached or given a "mean" stare.


The more we do this....and act peacefully natural about feeding our children, the more it will be considered fully normal.

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I"ve had people throw stink eye looks but nobody has every SAID anything or kicked me out. 

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I breastfed my daughter in court once! Hey, when you're hungry, you're hungry. No one has ever said anything to me for breastfeeding my child, including the judge from court, but we live in a pretty liberal city, so I don't expect anyone would. If they did, I wouldn't care.

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I have been NIP for five consecutive years- nursed DS until age 3, and DD still nurses at 21 months.

Initially I tried to cover up, but DS refused covers. DD only likes to nurse with my breast pulled out over my top, not with my shirt pulled up, so we just do that. I refuse to feel ashamed or immodest, as I am feeding my child. Thanks to all the mamas here on MDC, I know my rights and feel empowered to do what works for us. And that feels so good!
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I have never had any problems NIP, thankfully!

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if men are allowed to scratch their testicles in public or put their hands down their pants to adjust their "junk", and obviously not wash their hands after, i see no reason why you can't nurse your baby in public. i always used a bebe au lait (nursing) cover for my own privacy comfort but never had an issue ir stress about nursing my daughter whether on an airplane, in the middle of a shopping mall or at home. it is completely natural. i work in a medical facility and have even told my patients if they need to nurse, to feel free. there's always something people will complain about, nursing should not be one of them. i have had a few dirty looks but who cares, i just make eye contact and smile. i figure if someone has a problem, they don't have to look; just as i choose not to look at the things men do in public.
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Also never a problem here in NYC and travels through past 19 months.  Have nursed in subways, parks, restaurants, ballparks, buses, airplanes, churches, bookstores, etc.  Has been totally unremarkable.

Happy to encourage others.

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I'm still a new mom, but I've yet to have a problem... and I've done it uncovered.  Then again, in Utah I'm legally protected to nurse in public, covered or not.  Probably has mixed with the public view.

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Nursed my young'n for about 3 years in public (she weaned at 4).  Only covered up if it was cold or sun was too bright.  Got lots of smiles, especially when she was little and I fumbled more with getting her arranged at the breast.  I remember once having to stop in the dairy isle at the grocery store to nurse sitting on the edge of the display.  She was in one of her 1st growth spurts and I was completely unprepared for her need-to-nurse-NOW frantics.  I thought I would get negative comments or looks because I was blocking access to yogurt, but it was all smiles and people comfortably and respectfully reaching around me to get what they needed.


Then there was the time I was waiting in line at the post office and my 6 month old woke up hungry.  She was nursing quite loudly (gulping and smacking) and behind me came a sweet voice of an older woman who quietly said "You never forget that sweet sound.  I still remember feeding my little ones."  Then someone else offered me a chair and they all kept my place in line while I sat and fed my baby.

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I nursed five babies wherever and whenever they needed. (Two of mine were already past that stage when I became their mom.) The only person who ever said anything to me was my grandmother, who was shocked that I'd nurse in front of my grandfather. My grandfather didn't care.

I once asked my FIL if it bothered him, and he said he'd grown up in a farming community, and seen women plop down in the middle of the field to nurse, and that didn't bother him. wink1.gif

Oh, and once when I was nursing at my (other) grandmother's church, I got lots of smiles and positive comments about it being nice to see a baby in church. smile.gif
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I've never had a problem at 9 months and I've nursed in coffeeshops, pubs, restaurants, festivals, parks, a cross-country meet, on an AmTrak, and at a meeting with colleagues.  I covered when she was smaller, but now I usually nurse uncovered.  My friends who nurse uncovered and a friend who is nursing her large 2 year old (he looks more like a 3yo) have also never had any problems.  Not even odd looks.  We're in a mid-sized city with a mix of conservative and liberal politics, so we're not in a liberal/AP mecca or something.  Pretty average community.

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On bb 2 never a drama but I live in nz which is kind of like breast feeding nirvana. Best experience bf in a 5 star restaurant (2 diff ones) no probs and doting staff - yes I did enquire before going
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I NIP for 6 years (2 kids) and never had any problems.  I occasionally got startled looks, but those were usually because we were doing something that isn't often seen in public (toddler nursing positions, etc...), and of course, some people were obviously having troubles figuring out where to point their eyes, and occasionally some guy would make a commend about being jealous, but nobody ever hassled us.  I know my rights and my kids' rights, and have no qualms about defending them, so I might have been giving off a "don't bother hassling me, you'll never win that argument" vibe.

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Originally Posted by rachelsmama View Post

...and occasionally some guy would make a commend about being jealous...

That's disgusting. greensad.gif I would not appreciate a total stranger implying that he wanted to suck on my breast, much less implying that feeding my child was somehow sexual.
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Yeah. Anyone who says something like that should be called out immediately. I would use a public speaking voice to tell him it is absolutely inappropriate so that anyone in earshot hears. Totally out if line.
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No negative comments or looks NIP either (4 years and going), and my babes would never tolerate a cover.  I once had to sit and nurse on a display couch for sale at Costco because the snack seating area was completely full....only smiles from everyone that passed, including those considering purchasing it looking more closely.

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What a great thread!


I'm on baby #2 and a total of 2 1/2 years of BFing.  I've BFed in several different states, private places, public places, covered up and really exposed.  With our first child, I tended to be a bit more modest and used a blanket or something while nursing in public.  Now with our second, I don't really have that luxury (plus I don't have the desire to cover myself).  Just last month, I had my entire boob out while nursing our 3 month old.  We were sitting on the beach in FL. A woman walked all the way over to our blanket just to comment on how sweet our daughter was.


So I've had lots of good experiences; never had a negative one!

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I never had an issue. Over time I realized that it feels like a much bigger issue to you than it is to anybody else. 

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