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Keloid cesarean scar?

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I'm 8 months PP and my scar is still itchy and easily irritated.


It was 15cm, under the hair line and stitched from the inside.  It healed really quickly in that it closed quickly but I'm not sure whether it has now turned into a keloid scar.  About two cm on each side have healed so well that it's just not visible, the middle however is still bright red, about 4mm wide, thick and feels like there is a cord or rope running beneath it.  A friend who also had a cesarean can't recall having this problem so I'm wondering how everyone else's scar was around 8 months PP?


If it is a keloid is it too late to do anything about it?  I don't mind how it looks but it is still sensitive if I wear lace knickers or something and sometimes it just feels like it's getting tiny pricks from a needle.  This might me made worse by the fact that it has hairs growing through it/next to it...

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I get keloid scars in general and my c/s scar was similar to yours. Over time it became less sensitive, but It didn't really feel completely normal until after my next pregnancy and birth. (3.5 years later) After the stretching of the scar during pregnancy it flattened out and now the skin feels normal (sensation-wise).

This type of thing is not uncommon, lots c/s moms have similar sensations at the scar.
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I don't have keloids that I know of but I do have long tern sensitivity on and around my incision.  It seems to be a pretty common occurrence unfortunately.  I had to go buy all new jeans even though my old ones fit because they were a low enough rise that they bothered my incision.  I don't have any suggestions (sorry) but i can relate.

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Well I've never had a keloid before either.  I'm just assuming that that's what this is, I haven't had it checked out yet.  I guess the sensation is normal but I just didn't expect it still to be bright red and thick like this.  It also still feels as if I have to be really careful around it and not knock it etc.

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This doesn't have to do with a CS scar, but I had my nose pierced in college.  Long story short, I had a horrible keloid on it, half the size of my nostril.  (Awesome, I know.)  Whenever I got sick (like with a cold or anything) it would flare up and turn an angry red.  Over the last five years or so, though (so, about five years after initially getting it) it's gone down to pretty much unnoticeable.  I can still feel it if I rub it, but it's settled down a lot.


I know it sounds icky to think about it taking years to settle down, but even if it was a keloid, it might after a while.

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Claire keloiding is usually something thats inherited genetically :[ 


Its really common in both people from Asian and African descent. Sometimes they say you can freeze off the scar or remove it- but sometimes that backfires and creates a scar that was even more serious than the one before. Sometimes derms have products they can give you as well


I almost was developing a keloid once over an old navel piercing and used these silicone sheets they have in drugstores. You put it on the keloid and im not sure whats in it but its kind of like a sticker and it helps make it a bit flatter. After many many years its  almost the same color as the rest of my skin and its pretty smooth :) maybe give them a try? I remember cutting them in half since theyre a little pricey

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Well according to the doctor, it's def a keloid.  It's strange because I'm white and there doesn't seem to be a history of them in my family, although we haven't had a lot of operations so who knows.  The doc prescribed a cortisone cream but the pharmacist advised Dermatix Gel.  It's about 40euros a tube, I've used one whole tube so far and haven't seen any improvement.  I will try the next tube and if that hasn't worked maybe I will try those silicon sheets.


It's frustrating because about two cm on each end of the scar have healed perfectly, it's just the middle that's gone like this.  I wonder if it would be possible to have this bit excised and re-stitched?  It really makes my nervous about avoiding future surgeries if I heal like this!  I'm not to bothered about how it looks, it's below the hair line but it hurts and itches a lot and it looks really strange if you touch yourself too much there when you're in public!redface.gif

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My c/sec scar is all keloided too. It still tingles and feels numbish and itches too. And it has been 25 and 12 years. 

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You might want to look into finding a bodyworker who specializes in working with scars. I had lymphatic drainage work down after my uterine reconstruction (transverse scar just like a c/s) and it completely changed the color and texture of my scar (part of it was keloid). I had it done 2-3 months post surgery so I'm not sure if it would still be effective 8 months post surgery, however anytime we have an incision in the skin, it impacts the lymph vessels there. A good therapist can help the lymph drain more effectively and reroute so to speak. I didn't have any problems with my c/s scar (a separate scar), although they did staples vs. sutures and I'm not sure if that made a difference or not.


You can find a lymphatic drainage therapist by going to the practitioner directory at http://www.iahp.com.


Good luck!

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