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Ds is almost 7 months and is exclusively breast fed.  For quite while now (think months) he has been having really thick poops.  We do EC, so I hold him over the toilet to poop and he really has to strain.  The come up like toothpaste being squeezed out of a tube would come out and then they stayed formed in the toilet.  If they were in a diaper, they would squish up, so they are not solid, just very, very thick.  He will have a few poops come out like that, and then finally a big poop that isn't form and seems more normal.  He goes days without pooping, and then will have one big poop session (with the thick, and then finally normal poop coming out).


The amount of straining he does worries me.  I'm afraid to feed him for fear he'll become constipated if he is already straining with just breast milk poops!  The other worrying thing is that every now and then he has a tiny bit of red blood in his poop.  This happened today but it hasn't happened for a couple of months.  It used to happen more often.  But it is always such a tiny amount and wonder if it is caused by the straining he does to poop.


Does anyone know if this is within the range of normal for breast fed babies or if I should be concerned?