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Pump recommendations please! Urgent...

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Hi, I work full time and was able to provide EBM to my daughter with my old Medela PIS. My beloved pump is dying and the only options I could find if I want insurance to pay for the new pump are:
1) Evenflo dual
2) Avent Dual (they said its hospital grade but I suspect its Isis dual)
3) Medela swing single.

I know I definetly need a dual. Any reviews or recommendations on Avent or Evenflo? Should I just pay out of pocket and get Medela (I'm so used to it and get nervous about changing)
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I haven't used either of those, but just checking reviews it looks like the Avent would be the better pump, they make great hand pumps (I have that one) so that is who I would pick, but I'd be prepared to get a new PIS too if it doesn't work well, wouldn't hurt to have a backup though in any case. How quickly can you get it since your other pump is dying? I know with my insurance getting the free pump is going to take awhile. Good luck!
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I don't have any personal experience with the three options you listed, although I would be leery as I don't think any of them are a high enough quality to EBF while working full time... I would worry about supply.  Before you go drop the big money on the PIS, though, I highly recommend looking into the Ameda Purely Yours.  The quality is comparable to the PIS, but mine was a hundred dollars less.   The lactaction consultant I spoke with said I needed either the PIS or the Purely Yours if I was going to be away from my baby all day.  I work full time and love the Purely Yours, I definitely recommend it!

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