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I may have Bipolar 2

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Recently I read a book called, "Why Am I Still Depressed?" and feel like it describes my life. No super high ups like bipolar 1 but the irritability, anxiety and energetic, relentless self-flagellating racing thoughts? They're there. My moods are MUCH better since I've been on prozac and wellbutrin but I am struggling to find the right mood stabilizer for me. I tried Abilify recently and it made me feel too flat/bored. Excruciatingly bored. With my pdocs approval I went back to my old prozac and wellbutrin.


What kind of meds have you tried for Bipolar 2? I am curious about other peoples' experiences and will probably ask my pdoc to Rx me something else to try. Please share with me here what you have tried and your experience.


I have been really struggling here with moodiness and have done fairly well for the past several years on the meds that I'm on.

Group hugs to all out there who are struggling. Having mood issues makes parenting really tough sometimes. Gah.

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20 views but no replies. Come on gals, it takes a lot to put it all out there! Someone say something, please! LOL


If you want to talk about your experiences with Bipolar 2 (whether it's a spouse or yourself, whomever) please feel free to hijack or jump in so we can chat.

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Hey there! I recently this last year reached out for help with my depression your right it takes a lot of courage to put it out there and admit your struggling mentally. I am just now settling with a pdoc and looking into what will help me for my moods. He has me on lexapro and abilify for my depression how ever I am in search for something else to help with my anxiety and mood issues I would also like to know what is out there and others experience on this topic. Good luck to you and I sure hope you get the help you need.

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I am sorry to hear that you are going through this. Perhaps, you can start by learning more about medicines you are currently taking? Robert Whitaker's book (see my thread below), could be a good place to start.

Have you met with a doctor who practices integrative medicine?

Sometimes changes in lifestyle/diet/ social habits can make a difference too.

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This is typically a pretty slow-moving forum, just so you know.  hug2.gif  I am not bipolar but I do have other mental health conditions that I struggle with and part of that is depression and irritability.  I know how hard it is to live daily life and just survive when your mental health issues are fighting you every step of the way.  I hope you and your doctor can come up with a good med solution to help you become more stable.

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Acupuncture, strict diet, and routine sleep schedule helped me transition off meds. I still work with a psychologist and a cognitive behavioral therapist weekly, and have access to the pdoc if needed. When things get bad, I get prescribed an herbal formula from the acupuncturist, which is customized to what is going on at the time. It's a lot of work, but the routine helps. Except when it doesn't, like tonight when I'm up at 3 am!!!
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I use lithium orotate.  I was turned on to this supplement by my daughter's doctor, who put her on it for ADHD and severe mood swings.  She has been dramatically better, although she still has some struggles.


Anyway, I've been taking it for several months now.  I have to admit, when my depressive episodes get really low (actually I'm pretty low right now) the lithium doesn't seem to help as much.  I find it helps the most when I'm not at my lowest, if that makes sense. 


But read about it...it helps a lot of people and it could help you.  It's really cheap too, and I've read that it can be taken along with conventional meds.

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