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You can get an extra 30% off sale items on Motherhood's website. I went really cheap, and managed to get 5 tops for $45 with shipping.
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Motherhoods shirts shrink in length (not width) when dried in the dryer so that could be some of the issues everyone is having and the pants will most likely get tighter in the thighs when dried LOL, it's not funny at all, but sucks that that's how they shrink in a normal washer/dryer cycle versus some other way.  I even had a few of their fancy shirts shrink in length just from being washed on a normal cycle and laid out to dry.  :(

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I totally agree with the grumpiness... I just got a 2nd batch of clothes due to the "shirts too short" issue, as well as to take advantage of the spring clothes from last year now on DEEP discount at outlet stores.


Seriously... give that a try! In Denver there's a few outlet malls and I found one Eddie Bauer outlet that was seriously exciting to me. All their spring stuff is $5-15 an item!! At the Motherhood outlet it was about the same. Spring and summer clothes were $9.99 for shorts and skirts and $20 for a pair of khakis... another $25 for a bathing suit.


I am traveling to the beach in March, so I really wanted to nail down these summer things earlier than otherwise necessary up in Denver!

This is what makes me want to travel to the US just for shopping.  Seriously?  wow.



Also, I'm looking for a great fall/spring coat.  Must be warm, wind-resistant would be good and not a million bucks.  I'm hoping to find something to use next fall too, until my down winter jacket fits again.  It gets too cold out here to just wear sweaters, unfortunately.

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I just wanted to chime in that I just got the velour tracksuit from motherhood maternity and both the top and bottoms shrunk.  I was able to get a pair of jeans and sweater that seem to fit the same after washing.  It must have been so long since I have bought something new.  I had no idea that new clothes would be shrinking on me, I am really bummed!

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I desperately need to go maternity clothes shopping for some shirts soon. I am in the same boat as many of you-shirts have been shrunk and are too short now, darn dryer!  The mat jeans that I've saved from previous pregnancies are still in great shape and should work for the rest of this pregnancy but I need some comfy sweat pants for around the house. My yoga pants and even my PJ bottoms are starting to feel tight around the stomach. Time to pack away some more clothes!

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