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How long to wait to buy bras after weaning?

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If this doesn't belong here, mods, feel free to move it.  I have no idea where it would best fit, sorry.


I am weaning my 5 and almost-3 year old kiddos.  I've been dealing with a lot of personal issues and nursing hasn't been enjoyable for me for the last 4 years.  I'm really ready to be done.


I've been taking an adrenal support tincture that contains prickly ash bark.  It started making me dry up.  I decided to roll with that and I've also been drinking Earth Mama Angel Baby's No More Milk Tea.  I'm still allowing the kids to nurse but they're nursing for shorter and shorter as my milk disappears.  They're handling it well.


My real question is this:  I really need some new bras.  My current ones are 3 years old.  However, my breasts are already changing due to me drying up.  How long should I wait after the kids are fully weaned before I go get some new bras?  I was a 34F so my bras are pretty spendy (to me) and my budget is tight.  How long does it take for breasts to stabilize?

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Hi, mama -- I'm reading the BF forums because I'm going to start gradual parent-led weaning my 22 month old.  I'm so interested to read about herbal solutions to weaning - thanks for sharing that. I'm going to bump this thread because I don't have any good advice for when the breasts settle into their new size after breastfeeding. 


A thought though? Do your old, pre-nursing bras fit? Or maybe with it being now 5 years you don't have those anymore... 


Congrats on tandem nursing for 5 years, for finding a gentle weaning solution and for recognizing, and honoring your role and self in the nursing relationship. 

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My breasts didn't change much, if at all, after my second was weaned.  They stayed about the same size they had been for the last year of nursing.  I suspect this is something that varies from woman to woman, though.  Mine didn't get enormously bigger even when I was nursing a newborn, but I can imagine that people who experience big changes when nursing starts might experience bigger changes after weaning.

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My breasts probably took 4-6 months to adjust to a steady size after I weaned my first, but I didn't use anything to dry up my milk so that may make a difference? So for me anyway, I wouldn't buy a bunch of bras until then, but if you need new bras, maybe wait a few weeks after weaning and then get just two bras in the size you need and then wear one with the other in the wash, wait a bit more and see if you need to adjust more at all before buying more. Mine also did get back to the size they were before I got pregnant too and that isn't always the case.
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After nursing my oldest into toddlerhood, I didn't change much at the end. I did go down a size when solids became a major part of their diets, but at the very end, nursing once a day for several months, there wasnt a change.

No clue how tandem nursing effects boobs
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Thanks for the advice, ladies.


I was engorged-ish for about a week but I feel a lot better now.  Since my daughter was still night nursing often I was nursing around 7-10 times a day; that's including the twice-a-day for my son.


Things seem to be settling down.  My current bras don't fit great, the cups cave in a bit.  It helps that they don't have any foam.  I really should go in for another fitting.

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DD weaned on her own.  Around 18 mos, she just became less interested... by 22 mos, she would ask every couple days, but only nurse for like 10 seconds.  I still had milk after that, but was pregnant, and needed to take medication to keep from vomiting every couple hours, so I started telling her no.  She was fine with the no, so I figured she was ready to wean.  Before pregnancy with her I was a 34B.  While nursing I was a 36D, by 18mos, a 34B/C, and by 20mos my pre pregnancy bras were too big and I bought a few new ones.. 34A... they soon didn't fit because of being pregnant again....


Do any of your really old bras fit?  You might have to replace elastic straps, but cheaper than buying new bras!

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Thanks for the replies.


I think my breasts may be done changing.  I'm already all dry and can hardly squeeze a drop out.  headscratch.gif  I was so sure I would be lactating forever since I've nursed for 5 straight years.  Maybe it's all the sage tea....


I tossed all my old bras because by the time I purchased these nursing bras (three years ago) they were already falling apart.  I just need to go in for a new fitting and figure out what I am.  My breasts are a lot smaller now. 

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