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Cormac's Story

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*Edited to add photos!*

Here is my detailed birth story- hopefully not too detailed!!

I was getting a bit anxious for my baby's arrival, and my due date confusion wasn't helping. I was technology free for this pregnancy, and due to breatfeeding and inconsistent cycles (and poor charting smile.gif, I was either due around January 3rd or December 25th. I just went by the later date and didn't worry until Christmas rolled around and I couldn't help the anxiety any longer! We moved during the later part of my pregnancy, and we still didn't know anyone here who could take my 3 year old while we went to the hospital, so my MIL came into town, followed by my mom. I had been having strong BHs for a while, but having my MIL turned out to be very stressful. We were all sick, and she and my daughter were NOT getting along. All my BHs and what I thought might have been some prodromal labor stopped while she was here. She left on the 31st, and we picked up my mom that afternoon. As soon as we got my mom in the car, the BHs picked back up and my daughter was like a different child (a perfectly behaved one!). It was wonderful, and I felt certain labor would start soon. Unfortunately, my mom could only stay for a week, and my husband (who is in the military) only had a four day pass. If I didn't go into labor while he was home, he'd have over an hour commute just to get home. Anyway, he was going back to work on the fourth, so  we decided to try a castor oil induction on the third. I know castor oil is controversial, but I had done enough research to feel good about it, and I know how my body reacts, since I used it with my daughter and had no diarrhea or anything and a quick labor with a healthy baby.

So at 10:40pm on the 2nd, I decided to go for it. I wanted to have enough time for it to work and hopefully have baby on the 3rd. So I mixed in a couple tablespoons of castor oil into two scrambled eggs and tried to get the stuff down the best I could. Around 12:40am, I started cramping. Unfortunately, it was a constant cramp that lasted for about an hour. I got in the tub to cope, and then the cramp disappeared and the contractions started. That was such a relief! They started at two minutes apart, but I didn't keep timing. I stayed in the tub for a while just listening to music when I felt a little gush. I stood up to be sure, and a lot more came out. It was perfectly clear, and I could see vernix floating in the bath water. I labored a little longer than finally decided I should wake up the hubby. I really was totally dreading going to the hospital and wished very much we could have a UC at home, but DH just wasn't okay with it. I knew once I woke him up he'd be anxious to get going since my last labor wasn't long, but I also knew it was his birth too, so I couldn't just do what I wanted in a selfish sort of way smile.gif.

I woke him up telling him my water had broken. He came into the bathroom with me, and I worked through a couple more contractions before I told him he could start packing if he wanted. I could tell I was progressing quickly, and I knew we had to leave soon if we were going to make it. It was getting harder to do anything since the contractions were so strong (my water didn't break until the very end with my daughter, and I thought these were A LOT more intense). We finally left, though, and man was that 15 minute drive torture!

We made it to the hospital at about 4am (two hours into labor), and of course, all the doors were locked, and we had to wander around in the freezing cold while I stopped every five seconds for a contraction. I had been able to feel the baby getting lower and lower while I labored, and I knew I was in transition because I not only felt pressure and super intense contractions, but I had that tiny voice in my head whispering "I'm not sure I can do this." I took that to mean I was getting close, though, and decided it was a good thing to feel! 

Once we got inside and up to labor and delivery, the nurses were incredibly difficult! I had been assured at pre-registration just how important my birth plan was (by the director of women's services), blah blah blah. Anyway, I am a silent laborer except for pushing the baby out. I just wanted to lean against the counter while my husband did the talking but they refused to ask him the questions. They kept calling my name and making me answer things he could obviously answer. They said they couldn't find our file, etc, and then, while my hubby was still being detained by their stupidity, the nurse comes around to tell me to come with her so that I can get hooked up to the monitor. I managed to get out a No, and "birth plan", which she was obviously going to try to ignore, so I just turned around, went back to my husband, and sat on the birth ball he brought in with us. The nurse was confused, but just said "Oh, we can wait for your husband." A few minutes later, we were headed to our room, and the nurse was insisting I get undressed, be monitored for at least twenty minutes (I had been assured by my OB and the director that I would be intermittently monitored), and checked for dilation, after I peed in a cup, of course. I stood there, tried to put on a gown but threw it off in frustration, while telling her No over and over. I stood at the foot of the bed while I contracted, and i swear she said "It's for the safety of the baby" a thousand times. I silently took the pee cup, and my wonderful husband volunteered to come with me into the bathroom, knowing full well I had no intention of peeing in a cup! I closed us in, threw my skirt off (I'd gone without underwear), and cupped my hand over my lady parts while I squatted and started pushing. That urge to bear down was absolutely undeniable. I stood up and pushed with each urge, although really it felt like my body did all the pushing while i just held on for the ride. My husband kept saying "Are you SURE you want to have this baby in the bathroom??" I pushed, held my parts, and then felt the baby crowning. What a beautiful moment! I'll never forget that incredible feeling! Then my husband reached down and helped me catch our baby. This all happened in a matter of minutes, and the nurse had tried to come in but then just yelled for help. We heard her panicky voice yell "There trying to have the baby in the bathroom!!!" As we caught our baby, a second nurse came into the bathroom, and helped unwrap the cord that was looped around the baby, while I kept saying "I've got it!" I pulled the baby up and looked to see that it was a boy. I told my husband, and we were totally high while we were being escorted to the bed. At that point my doctor arrived, and I finally started getting what I wanted from the staff. I held him on my chest, the cord wasn't cut until it was white, they waited on the placenta, and no one touched the baby, even to suction him. My labor lasted a total of 2 hours and 24 minutes. I had no tearing at all (I had horrible tearing with my daughter!), and I felt fantastic. After a while we let them weigh and measure him. He was 7 lbs 7 oz, and 19 inches long. We told them we'd be leaving after six hours instead of their mandatory 36 ( six was the amount of time I'd discussed with my doctor that she'd feel comfortable with), so right at 6 hours, we signed waivers and left against medical advice. My daughter was thrilled to meet her new brother, and we were thrilled to come home to recover. Our baby Cormac is beautiful and healthy, and I feel SO much better than I did last time. My bleeding has been minimal, and my hormones are not too insane smile.gif. Cormac is a fantastic nurser, and my milk came in after only a day and a half. My daughter had a tongue and upper lip tie that made nursing excruciating, so this is fantastic by comparison. My husband has had a much easier time bonding with Cormac, and he loves how involved he was this time. There was nothing like doing it ourselves and relishing the beauty of the moment while everyone else freaked out smile.gif. We're very hopeful that next time we'll be able to afford a midwife and stay home!!

Here's is our boy! The first is today working back to the hospital:

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What a great story!  He came so quickly!  Love that you were able to find some intimacy by hiding in the bathroom.  Now you just need to post some pictures for all of us still waiting on some baby goodness!

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Yay!!  What a beautiful story.  I am so happy that your husband got to see what it was like to be so closely involved in birthing the baby and that you all stuck to your guns about your choices!  It sounds like really you did as well as could possibly be expected from a less-than-enlightened hospital.  I was also upright for this birth and to me it made a world of difference for me.



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Congrats! So wonderful!
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What a wonderful birth, congratulations!  

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Thank you for sharing such a positive story. It's beautiful.
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wow- thank you for sharing!!!  What a wonderful story.

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Thanks so much for all your sweet replies! I'm always glad to hear encouragement rather than how crazy we are :). I edited the post to add some pictures. I'd hate to deprive anyone :).

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That's wonderful!  I love your birth story!

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What a sweetheart he is!! I love your birth story, but I had to laugh at the nurse saying "she is trying to have a baby in the bathroom". LOL, what, it won't 'work' if you aren't on the bed?! As a pp mentioned, I love the intimacy of your story. Congrats again!

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Such a great story! Glad you were able to find a way to get them out of the way to do it (mostly) the way you wanted. Still chuckling at the silly nurse.

Welcome Cormac! <3
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Haha "They're trying to have the baby in the bathroom!".....did have the baby, lady :)  I know they have protocols and procedures, but it would be nice if what they say they'll do before you're in labor would match what they do when you actually are in labor.  I'm so happy for you that you had a quick and relatively easy labor and delivery, that's my dream this time around!

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What an exciting story!  Congratulations!  He's sooo cute!


I can SO relate to the hospital part!  They wanted me to pee in a cup and all that jazz.  I just kept refusing and ended up pushing baby out buck naked (why did they take my clothes off?) with no interventions but a doppler very briefly.  I was a total jerk, but I just couldn't help it.  I was in tremendous pain and ready to push!  Should have gone to the bathroom like you. LOL!!!

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