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thoughts on tylenol (acetomenophin/paracetemol)

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Hi ladies,

Just a little background ... I am at 23 weeks and have been sick since before Christmas: first a few day tummy bug, then a horrid cough/cold that i picked up from DS, who is in his first year of school and bringing home just about everything. he made it through with no drugs (pediatrician said it was a virus) and never had a fever. but ... after a week plus of coughing all night every night, i've exhausted just about every homeopathic remedy in the book. and then last thursday couldn't stop shivering ... went to the 24 hr urgent care clinic, and the doc there prescribed ammoxicilin and parecetemol (tylenol). said he couldn't be sure it wasn't a virus but didn't want to take any risks of it turning into pneumonia etc. he did give me permission to tough it out a few more days,though. so, i didn't take either of them, because i really really really do not want to take abx while pregnant. i have enough gut issues of my own LOL. but, that night it all went into my ears. i am vey predisposed to ear infections and i thnk that they are one of the most painful things ever ... so awful. so went to my reg doc the next day, and she prescribed some ear drops, and again, told me that if i don't improve with those that i should take the ammox. my sister is also a dr and i spoke with her and she said to wait a few more days as it is prob viral. the ear drops are helping somewhat ... but then it went into my sinuses. oh my gosh, ack!!! anyway. i couldn't take it anymore and took the tylenol last night so that i coul d maybe get some sleep. it helped some with the pain and this morning my sinuses are sooo much better. i am still coughing up mucus and my ears are still plugged though. i started running a fever (low-grade), which normally i would just deal with as it helps fight the infection, but i was afraid for babe and so took another tylenol. now i am at last resting relatively peacefully (thank God ...). that said. what do you all think about tylenol??? i'm not looking to get ripped for taking meds, but rather just for honest information and opinions on both sides. thanks ladies!



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I think acetaminophen is fine during pregnancy when you really need a pain killer or fever reducer. I tried some last pregnancy when I had a migraine, though it doesn't really do much for me typically for pain, and didn't feel it was a bad choice at all after exhausting all my other non-med options. With as sick as you are, if there are any minor adverse affects, they should not be any worse than the sleep/nutrition/etc. you are losing from being sick. I too would try to avoid antibiotics, especially if a virus is suspected as they won't do anything then of course expect possibly upset your good bacteria, but if they do think at some point it is bacterial, I would take them too. I hope you feel better soon hug.gif
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I only took Tylenol once with my first son when I had a bad headache. I really try to avoid meds, especially while pregnant, but with this baby I took a lot of Tylenol during my first trimester and felt lots of guilt about it. I was getting these awful tension headaches that would last for days and were so bad I couldn't even sleep. I wish I didn't have to, but it just got to the point where I could not function. It is a catagory B drug and the preferred pain reliever for pregnant women. I wouldn't stress too much about it.

I had a virus turned terrible sinus infection (the outside skin on my cheekbones was bright red because everything was so inflammed) before Christmas and wanted to avoid antibiotics as well. I used a sinus rinse (kind of like a neti pot, but in a squeeze bottle so there's a bit more water pressure), drank emergen C and ate crushed raw garlic. Sounds totally gross, but it worked wonders. That along with hot showers and a humidifier made it more bearable. Hope you feel better!
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In short, I think it's fine.  I know what you mean about trying everything else first (esp. before antibiotics, that's just good sense to avoid in general if possible, for your own health as well as everyone else's down the road!), and I am the same way.  I do not take anything if I can avoid it.  I personally would rather deal with the discomfort/pain and know exactly when it goes away because it helps me gauge how serious my illness may be.  Having said that, around 14 weeks with this pregnancy I had such problems with low BP and resulting headaches that I took acetaminophen several times (maybe 5 over 2 weeks?) - more than I've taken in probably the last five years.  I don't like to do it, but if I can't see straight, go to sleep, or generally function without snapping at DH/DS/the pets because of the pain, and cold compress/dark room/time out doesn't relieve it, then it's time for me to take something.  I don't think you did anything wrong taking the drugs, and you shouldn't beat yourself up about it whatsoever.  

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I'm in the same boat w ya sweetlowmomma. I got a stomach bug followed closely by an awful cold I still haven't shaken. I started off with garlic tea and it still beat me down. I have taken some Tylenol when I couldn't stand myself. Still looking for that cure. I think it's a Florida vacation.
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Yep, I'm with the others.  In general, pregnant or not, I don't like take pharmaceuticals.  But I've been hit with several severe stomach bugs and upper-respiratory things this pregnancy, and during the worst of the fever and vomiting, I took a little acetominophen.  I just made sure it was regular-strength, and I only took the bare minimum I needed.  Nothing to be too stressed about.

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Thank you so everyone for your responses and reassurance ... I am doing my best to limit it to the minimum (and not stress about it, ha!). PhilsbabyMomma, DH picked up something they have here in Spain called Rhinomer, which is a sea-water nose rinse ... I imagine like what you mentioned to me. And oh my! Totally gets the mucus draining. Thanks for the suggestion. FarmerMomma, I'll take the Florida vacation with you ... :)


Really, really really, thanks for your support ladies, and for sharing your ideas and experiences. Being sick in pregnancy is horrid!!! Hope all of you stay well or feel better soon, as the case may be ...




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