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Post partum check up?

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I'm 6 weeks pp today and I still haven't scheduled my check up. 80% of that is laziness, 20% is that I just don't really feel its needed. I didn't have any tearing, my cervix is back to normal, my uterus feels like its where it should be, and I plan on using fertility awareness for bc. Is there anything else they'd need to check? I completely forget what happens at this appt… remind me please?
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Um, going out with a newborn and older siblings for a pretty much un-needed appointment? I'd skip it if I was doing fine!!


I'm going to my PP appointment to get my baby weighed, to chat with my midwife, and to doublecheck my very slowly healing tear. Otherwise, yeah, I'd skip :)

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They did my annual breast exam and pap smear at mine, so if you're due for those, that would be a reason to go.

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DH wants me to go to stay on the good side of the MW so she will work with us again next time around. I guess he has a point there…
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Sorry. Tech issues lead to a repost smile.gif
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My stupid Kindle stopped letting me post from it so I will try to post an answer from the pc. Maybe my new one will work better. The one I got for Christmas has charging issues so it's going back as soon as I transfer the data to the new one. Grr


As I said the other day, I went to my last appt. It was at almost 8 weeks instead of 6 though because she was out of the country on a mission's trip I think it was. She weighed Ana and watched as I nursed her. She asked the standard questions how it's going (as if 8 oz a week gain isn't showing we're making it), how my mood's been, etc. Then she asked if I wanted her to check my tear- which was within a thumb's width of my anus from where I felt the scar a few weeks ago. I hadn't had stitches because it had stopped bleeding by the time she checked it and she thought if I was very careful it would be alright without them. That was fine by me! So she took about 30 sec and checked it. She said it didn't even look like I'd had a baby, much less torn. Wow. I attribute that to internal and external Arnica after and probably the Birth Ease homeopathic stuff I'd taken for a few weeks prior to the birth.


My cousin went with me bc she's using the same MW for her baby on the way. She said with her first (hospital born) she never went back for her check, and all's fine. So it's totally up to you. If you feel fine, no reason to worry about it. :)

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