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Isn't Motrin just a specific brand's name for ibuprofen?  I'm pretty sure it's just the same thing with a different name like tylenol/acetomenophen.  The brand name stuff is always more expensive, so stick to the generic!


Aww I would totally have tried arnica, but I think I'm pretty much through it.  Now I am on to wishing I'd been with it enough to pay attention to this baby's latch the first few days as my nipples are in pain and I've got some nasty irritation going on in the whole breast area. bah. This is what happened last time too.  I am too hormonal and focused on other things and then once the fog lifts I am left with messed up breasts and a baby who wants to nurse constantly.  Shouldn't I have learned from my mistakes.  Sigh.

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I think Motrin is just a stronger dose of ibuprofen- 800 mg, if I remember correctly.
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I take arnica in tablet form and then you can always put the cream where needed. smile.gif works for a ton of stuff!!! Swelling, pain, irritation. Currently taking ibuprofen (Motrin is a brand name) while at hospital.
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Does arnica help?  Hmm I have taken it with both but didn't think it was for my uterus and I guess it didn't help me...hmm maybe more this time! 
Also I want to know if you guys think motrin worked better than ibuprofin?  Trying to decide if I should go buy some motrin or just use what we have at home.


I asked my midwife (who is also a naturopath) and she said arnica won't help the pain, but will help all of the swelling/bruising.

She suggested cramp bark and ibuprofen for pain.
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I agree!  I had a few days of those intense afterpains.  Ibuprofen kept it at bay well enough.  Glad that part is over!  Now if my nipples would toughen a little more, we'd be all set.  Ouch!

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I just wanted to add that Motrin and Advil
are both brand names for ibuprofen- there's no reason not to go generic!
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Oh yeah, serious afterpains here. Aaron is #6 for me and by far the afterpains have been this worst this time around...this is day 4 and so far they have slacked to more of an annoyance. I take the occasional tylenol and that helps some...overall I just breathe through them and try not to cry!

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Mine were intense too. 9th baby & wow! 

Thankfully we had some vicodin from dh ganglion cyst removal. He knew he wouldn't need it so we saved it just for this.  I was taking half doses and I barely felt much after that.

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