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Pumping at work

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 My baby is four months and I plan to pump at work as long as possible, this includes into toddlerhood if my baby chooses to do so. Two of my co workers and I were talking about breastfeeding and the conversation drifted into kids that lift their mothers shirt to breastfeed. To which I responded "I wouldnt let my kid do that in public" as I walked out of the room. Then my coworker started commenting that feeding a toddler "is wrong". I mean she formula fed her child so I know she doesnt understand....Im wondering how my drifting off to pump twice a day for a loooong time will be tolerated at work....How will I explain this to someone who believes a plastic bottle is natural?

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I work mostly with men but no one ever said anything to me in three years of pumping. I think people are more likely to criticize those hypothetical moms than to talk about you and your breasts right there, KWIM?

Depending on what your job is they might not even notice.:-)
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I unfortunately have shared an office with these women for the last few years, and we are a staff of five. If it really bothers me and my baby decided to breastfeed for a long time I could go to the first floor conference room at lunch, building management doesnt care...but not sure if pumping once a day would lower my supply....

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Hm, not sure if I'm typical but I only pumped one per 8 hour shift and saw no problems. I didn't go back to work until dd1 was 4 mo though, so my supply was well established. If that wasn't enough milk for the next shift I'd pump one while she nursed but I had a big freezer stash so that wasn't too often.

ETA- oops I see your baby is 4 mo., not a newborn. And I don't think anyone will ask you about it..most coworkers don't really want to go there. wink1.gif
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I don't see why there's a need to make an issue out of it.  I'd simply just leave to pump and then come back.  No need to explain where you're going or why you're doing that.  If questioned, simply inform them that you are pumping milk for your child and leave it at that.  Sometimes we over-emotionalize things that don't need to be.  It's your decision, and your child--they don't need to be privy to the conversation.

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I pumped at work for 8 mths straight, usually twice a day. I would have gone longer but my son decided at 10 mths he wanted nothing to do with bottles any more so I stopped pumping and just nursed when I as with him. There was only one office at work I could pump in, the service manager's office. The office had too many big open windows without blinds. He wasn't in all the time, but I would have to call him sometimes to make sure he wouldn't be for 20 minutes or so, so I could pump. I have to say it was embarrassing calling him because he knew I would be pumping. Sometimes he'd wait outside to go into his office until I was done.


But like another poster said, just excuse yourself and go pump. Don't tell them what you are doing.

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stormborn, my supply isnt as awesome as yours,I dont have a freezer-ful, Ive seen three lactation consultants, but thats another story


rnra, I know but when people talk about you it does kinda annoy you....I will try to be strong



thanks gals

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Aw, sorry you're having to go through that. Even pumping more to keep up supply shouldn't cause a stir though. I've worked with people who disappeared into the bathroom or to get coffee etc, more than twice a day.

A lot of my stash was built up pumping one while dd nursed the other, first thing in the morning or whenever my supply was greatest.
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