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Disinfecting wooden toys

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We have been babysitting a boy who has some very nasty bad habits and without getting into the gory details I'm shuddering at the thought of what is lurking on our belongiings. horrors.gif  Our babysitting nightmare is almost over and I need to clean these toys thoroughly.  95% of what we have is wooden.  I'm not against using bleach for this.  I don't usually break out the bleach but I'm that grossed out.  Would it be safe to immerse the toys in a mild bleach solution (just a quick swirl, obviously they can't have a good soak).  Or is there something else you would recommend?  TIA!

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I would use a disposible cleaning wipe that has bleach. Maybe leave the toys in the sun outside for a day, too.
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Clean them first, then disinfect them (it only works on the clean)

You could do a bleach dip (diluted, probably 10 seconds) or spray with hydrogen peroxide. Sun would be great too.

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Hot, soapy water followed by a thorough rinse will get rid of most things. I agree that sun drying them would be ideal too.
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I think I would use hot water with a few drops of tea tree oil, or diluted vinegar as bleach may damage the wood. Luckily wood is a naturally antibacterial material smile.gif

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I'd be inclined to use rubbing alcohol, the stronger 91% kind, and then also replenish the wood with a wax/oil afterward.

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If they're wooden, why not boil them for 10 minutes? Then oil them and polish them.

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I ended up washing almost everything in a mild bleach and soap solution and it all came out beautifully.  My house did smell of wet wood for a couple days though while it was all spread out drying. LOL  The bigger things like the doll house I wiped down with lysol wipes.  I didn't love that option but it had to be done.  Thank you everyone for your suggestions. smile.gif

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