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Tubal ligation?

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I am considering this after the baby is born, anyone else?
I am kind of nervous, it's so permanent, but I feel so rotten this pregnancy, and its really hurting dh and I, I think 4 will have to be enough. Dh tried to get cut twice after #3, but he is the most tense person you will ever meet, and they could never get things to relax enough down there. They said they could put him under, but we just ever did it. Now we have our huge surprise on the way, lol!
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Hubby is getting a snip done shortly after baby is born. I think I "need" to know everything is ok with this baby before I'm ready to finalize things. I've heard about side effects on the tubal that scare me a bit, it's a harder surgery for the woman than it is for a man. I think if I was having a planned C/S I would consider it, but I'm a little scared of a surgery just for having it done. I've had a laparoscopy procedure once in the past and the recovery was horrible for me. And, I don't know if that's how they even do it.

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Yes, I've been reading about the side effects. :/. I will probably be having my gallbladder out in April or may and they would do them together. Hmmm...
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Originally Posted by MPsSweetie View Post

Yes, I've been reading about the side effects. :/. I will probably be having my gallbladder out in April or may and they would do them together. Hmmm...

I'd consider it in that situation, too. :) 

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DH got the snip done last week. the recovery has been harder than he anticipated (he's still sore down there) and stupid man keeps reading internet horror stories. I need to tell him, some one has to be the 1 in a 10,000 that gets horrible chronic pain. I hope it's not him, but reading that stuff doesn't help you at all.


One of the main things with a tubal that concerns me is potential for tubal pregnancies, etc. I know women have had tubals done and been very happy with the results. And because I don't want to chart forever, and am not doing hormonal bcp, we wanted something perrm. now with 3 kids in 4 years, I am really sure we are done!

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Just wanted to chime in with a different side of things.  When XH and I were married, he was feeling relatively done with three.  I was on the fence.  Then we had #4, and I said that if he wasn't going to do something permanent, I would.  Well, he had a vas when baby #4 was about a year old.  I was totally content with four kids, had no desire to have any more.


Fast forward 11 years, and I'm now in a new relationship, and SO glad that I didn't do anything permanent!  This baby is so wanted and I think we both would have been very sad if it hadn't been a possibility for us.  And I was SO SO sure, 11 years ago, that I was done.  :P

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farmer - I can really respect that. DH and I have talked about it,and if at some point we want to expand our family in the future (if we lose our minds, LOL) we are open to looking into adoption.


I dont know that I'm done with pregnancy forever. If someone asked me, I'd love to be a surrogate for someone I know. (BTL doesn't preclude you from that choice, obviously) - but I feel like my parenting cup is full. Overflowing really.

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I do worry about that also! I think I'm so hormonal and depressed and just done this time. I had just started on doula king, midwifery, breastfeeding education, and now I can't do anything again. I LOVE having babies, but older kids are hard for me. Like my 6 year old, drives me up the wall. And my 2 year old is almost there. I'm sure just being pregnant has a lot to do with that though.
This is a hard decision!
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My husband and I had this discussion a while ago. We decided that a vasectomy was far more safe and reversible than a tubal ligation, so that's what we decided on. Of course, since we've had that discussion, a couple of other options have come to my notice, so we may have to have the discussion again. I don't know. I'm pretty sure I don't want any more babies, but I have to wonder "what if?" sometimes.

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I'm almost wondering if I'm trying to talk myself out of it with all my research. Oh well, I still have a little while to decide.
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DP and I have discussed this as well. He's getting his vasectomy redone because he is very done. I am not 100% sure. DP is 16 years older than me. What if something happens to him? I've read so many side effects that it makes me nervous to have it done so young. (I'm only 25.) He would prefer we both get it done but he firmly feels it is my body and my decision. (We are having a section.)
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Came across this concept in my facebook feed today: reversible inhibition of sperm under guidance.  Seems interesting, potentially fewer side-effects than vasectomy.


Just FYI.  I don't even know if this is available in the US or Canada. 

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Hmmm, interesting. If only dh could relax enough for them to tug it out, yikes that just sounds awful! Lol.
I may see if he's ready to just be put under general and have a vas, the more I read about tubal ligation...
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I just really don't feel like having 5 kids to take care of while he's recovering!! Not that it would be any easier for me, no one takes care of me. greensad.gif.
Dh is a disabled vet, I do everything. :/
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DH had his surgery almost 2 weeks ago - no general anesthesia, just local. recovery is mostly just soreness. He was back at work as a massage therapist within a few days. No complaints, so far.

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They've tried twice with local, he's just the most tense person ever. His goods sucked right up in him, even with Xanax on board. High doses.
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poor man!

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I know :/
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