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Making your own herb tea blends? Where to start?

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I am interested in making my own tea blends, but haven't a clue where to start. A friend recommended some that are good for pregnancy and relaxation, and I got some of the components... But what to do about ratios? How much of what herb for this or that, etc? And how much per cup of tea of the blends?
Any online (free) resources??
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I'm not sure how extensive the recipes available - that you're looking for - would be here, but I've made several tea/spice/herb blends from recipes I found at Mountain Rose Herbs website & newsletter.   (you can access the newsletter archives from that linked page).  I'll add that they were very good. 


To be as basic as possible, though, you can make a simple tea (tisane) from about 1 tsp any herb/spice, and 1 cup hot water, and then steep from 5-15 minutes as you prefer.  And from there you'd simply vary it to include herbs/spices that work together well (to benefit whatever you're hoping to aid from them) and/or make it taste good.  

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A little experimentation and taste-testing work for me. Though I don't try to create teas for a specific medicinal purposes. That means I haven't been too concerned about ratios or concentrations of certain ingredients.  


I have tried to recreate some tea blends I like by using the ingredient list and guesstimating the ratios. If there is an herbal blend you like, you could start there. Just read the ingredients off the label and experiment a little with a few cups or pots. Don't forget to record the measurements for your test blends as you try them! 

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I love Rosemary Gladstar's recipes!  I got the from her books at the library.


I regularly drink nettle/oatstraw/RRL tea (did before and during pregnancy and now postpartum) -- NOT for the taste though :)  Well, the oatstraw & RRL are nice tasting, but nettle can be a bit of a drag...it's SO good for you though!  I make a strong infusion about once a day-- put 4 tablespoons of herbs in a glass mason jar, add very hot (near boiling) water, cover and steep until cool (at least 4 hours, I leave mine overnight).  Strain off herbs, add honey or whatever you like and enjoy.  

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Anyone have some suggestions for herbal teas in the first trimester? I've been to nervous to drink any with all the conflicting data on herbs and pregnancy. But boy how I miss my nightly sleepy time tea!
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