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Well, not to MDC, but to this forum! How fun to find other Mama's that are due with me! I am Kim and am due the end of June with baby bug #2. We chose not to find out the gender of this baby, we knew with the first and wanted to be surprised this time. I am planning a homebirth...well actually a hbac! I can't wait! I look forward to getting to know all of you better!
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Hi, and congratulations on your pregnancy. I couldn't help noticing your username, as a 1994 KU grad.

My family is currently in Wichita, and we are also expecting at the end of June. We are planning a homebirth and not planning any US, so also no idea what sex the baby is. I just like it that way.

I haven't been around these boards for a while because life keeps me from hanging out on the internet as much as I would like, but I just wanted to say welcome. I remember you from your posts about your daughter and have wondered how you were doing. Glad to see you back.
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