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Sending good thoughts your way aruss! 


Most definitely in labour here, too! Midwife on her way. Really want to get into the bath or shower but last two times I did that I hit transition almost immediately and ended up having a baby within 15 minutes after. Trying to wait until midwife gets here... or DH gets back from dropping DS1 off at school.

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Ohhh, mamas! Fingers crossed for smooth and easy births!!


40+4 here and starting to get a little discouraged, this is the longest I've ever been pregnant and I have zero signs of going into labor any time soon. All of the other mamas who were due before me or on the same day as me at my midwife's practice have birthed, as well as three that were due after me--it's awesome seeing all of the birth announcements rolling in on her FB group, but I'm ready for it to be my turn!

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Originally Posted by aruss View Post

Definitely in labour. Mw here. Trying to fill pool but its going fast. Prayers.

goodvibes.gif Good thoughts and prayers your way, mama!  You can do it!

So excited for you both this morning!


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Yay, jen and aruss!  Hope to hear that both of you are holding your babies soon!


Just hanging out here and trying not to engage with any family members so I don't get any questions.

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so exciting!  Can't wait for the birth stories!!!


Thinking of you both and sending easy labor vibes your way...

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Oh I'm so excited for you, arrus and jen!!!! I hope you both have wonderful births!!
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So happy for you both and your new moon babies...sending labor blessings...

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How exciting! Good luck, heres to smooth and easy labours for you both!

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Baby Emmett is here! Fast and Intense. Born at 10:05am after 4 hours of random prodromal stuff and 1 hour of active labor!  :D

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YAY!  Congratulations!  

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