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sleeping problems

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I really need an opinion..cause my DH is "do what you want" style. My DD is on the "i'm not sleeping" stage and i have a really hard time on putting her to sleep. I wanna buy a device that shows me how much did my DD sleep, if she is awake and all that stuff, do you think it would be helpful?

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I have never heard of that. How old is your daughter?
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she's 10 months, i heard that it's a sensor that activates if baby is awake and sends you on the phone that baby is awake, how much she slept, and all that kind of info...

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Ok. I don't get it, but if that would be information that would be helpful to you then go for it. I was always totally aware of how much or how little sleep my kids were getting at that age. I'm not quite understanding the need for the gadget. It is definately a common age for sleep issues with teething usually in full force, separation anxiety at its height, and major developmental milestones going on. Mine slept better after the one year mark but it was a gradual process.
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Hi im not sure what device you're talking about but I use an online site to keep a record of my dd's sleep.
She has no schedule, never has, and is a horrible sleeper. But when I found this website (there are also some apps) it has really helped me out to discover similar patterns in her sleep and get a general idea how many hours she's awake during the day and how long she likes to sleep at night. It creates these graphs and charts using her statistics. Haha I know it sounds crazy but it's really been helpful to understand her sleep a little better bc it changes every week. Hope it' s helpful for you.smile.gif
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Oh I should also say that you have to log in her sleep and awake times... it doesn't do it automatically like the device your describing. But I have it on my phone so it really isnt inconvenient.
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My son is 10/11 months too and driving me crazy with his sleep issues. Just want to say you're not alone.
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Sounds like a big investment of time and money for what is likely brief phase...at-home PSG!  What will they think of next?  LOL

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Actually its not a big investment only $4 and I tried it for free fitst amd it really helped me see a pattern with my high needs baby that I wouldnt have been able to see otherwise. As for an investment in time, I keep the tab on my phone and I literally just push a button that says "awake" or "asleep" and it does all the rest so its really a matter of seconds. To each their own though, I never would have understood until I had my dd and I know she and I both happier bc of it. smile.gif I didnt want to force her into a schedule but I also wanted to get an idea (a general idea with her) of what her sleep is like so I could help make more peaceful days for her.
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