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Coffee bean - I actually wouldn't be surprised if you were on to something here.  Most of my doctor's appointment consisted of her trying to calm me down.  I miscarried right before this pregnancy (no period in between) and was having a hard time even grasping the fact that I was really pregnant.  I imagine if she was concerned about various technologies (which wouldn't surprise me - she seems to have a liberal view of birth, speaking about it as a natural process rather than a potential disaster or medical emergency), she probably just didn't want to even bring it up given that I needed so much basic reassuring!  She did count the beats on the monitor and write them down, but if she told me the number I certainly didn't hear.  While we were looking at the image I was just too dumbfounded . . . and also sort of suspecting that it was fake!  I have another appointment very soon - I think after that I should behave more like a "normal" patient.  You know, excited, curious, those things.  And able to say aloud "I'm pregnant" without kind of feeling like a liar!