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I guess I have been having some and not realizing it either!  Our midwife did a home visit last night and when she was feeling around to check baby's position, she said she felt a BH.  I was like, really??  lol  I think I had a few during the night too when I rolled over, it felt tighter than normal.  I think I always just assumed it was gas or a weird baby movement rather than a BH.


Anyways,  she's been having a hard time getting a lock on baby's position the past few times, and thinks she might be sideways right now irked.gif  I'm going to have an u/s to check position hopefully next week.  The only good thing is she is still small and has room to move/change positions still!

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I think I have felt a couple now, in the past few days (I am just 34w today).  Just that all of a sudden, my belly/the baby feels "heavier," so I touch my belly and it's harder than usual.  Not sure if those are BH, but maybe? 
Sounds like it!
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My BH are ramping up again. Jolting me awake at night and making my days a lot slower again. I'm either getting really really long ones that keep me in a vise grip for an hour at a time or i get a few that are painful and intence that stop me in my tracks for a few minutes of agony. I wish my body could just chill! I've had 10 weeks of this already. I have no signs of real labour and a little less than two weeks to get to 37 weeks.
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Hang in there, typebug. Wishing you a more comfortable week and a half, and then fast labor once it's safe!


DH are a daily/nightly occurrence for me now, but they are only bothersome about half of the time, thankfully. During the day I usually don't notice them too too much, unless I'm trying to actually do something while having them like walking or standing ;) but at night I've been getting the cervical pressure pain, too. I'll be 38 weeks in two days so seriously, any time you're ready baby.

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Jean, thanks for the name suggestion, that was DH's first choice for most of the pregnancy!  We finally hit on a name we both liked, right after I posted in this thread, we had a talk.  Phew!  Keeping it to myself for the moment, but it's such a relief to have a name finally!


Y'all aren't going to believe this: my home-birth-midwife gave me a tincture that she says is supposed to help prepare the body for labor. She apparently offers it to all of her clients. I'm thinking, sure, some kind of herbal support to help my organs be strong or something. Maybe some horse chestnut to help prevent hemmorhoids or something.  But no: What does it do?  It triggers BH contractions!  I'm like, "You want me to have MORE BH?!"  lol.gif  Um, no thanks!  


I guess my body is doing well preparing for the baby on its own!   

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